Forecast for 0530 Friday morning was 31 deg with a mixture of wintry precipitation throughout the morning.  So they pretty much nailed it.  Got up a little bit earlier than usual to give extra time to drive in the slush/snow.  Thankful it was not ice.  Wasn’t really sure if anyone else was stupid enough to post in this weather.

  • 0510 – no one else here yet, white stuff coming down pretty good…
  • 0515 – get out and scrape rest of windows on the mom van – still no one.  I was starting to wonder what a solo F3 workout would look like. I guess kinda what I used to do working out with Fern, just outdoors.
  • 0520 – Get a call from Roscoe..”you posting today?”.  Told him “Aye!.  Already here… waiting for the rest of the idiots.”  Roscoe says to expect one more idiot coming in hot!  Told him to meet us at the Parking Deck.
  • 0525 – headlights coming… not Roscoe….must be critical city workers required to work in this crap…. WAIT… sweet, its Spiderman!
  • 0530 – Lets go!

Mosey – Run to Parking Deck (we pass Roscoe on the way)

Warm Up – Roscoe arrives after parking back at Pavilion with the rest of us to make sure when we are done, we leave no man behind. See… he’s always thinking.

  • Don Quioxte – IC x10
  • Seal Jacks IC x20
  • Mountain Climbers IC x20
  • LBC IC x10 (slow count)
  • Tempo Merkins IC x10
  • BOYO x5

Stairway Suicides – The plan was to start at bottom level ascend stairs one level and back down, then two levels and down, then three levels and down, etc…  finish back at bottom and plank.  This is where a good Q would have gone and done this on site rather than on paper.  Turns out their is not much distance between levels and if you go two levels (because one is not really worth the effort), you only have like 2 actual levels.  So in order to achieve the same affect, we just ran up and down the stairs for a while.

Four Floor Escalator – Starting at bottom level, complete 10 reps of the first exercise then run up one level (run the parking deck, not the stairs), complete 20 reps of next exercise and up to next level, complete 30 reps and up, 40 reps then down he stairs to the starting position.  With only 3 PAX today we kept this thing together, so exercises were all together IC.  Roscoe told us about the Queensryche concert this week.  We traded stories about best concerts, heavy metal chick drummer in LA (Roscoe… please post the YouTube link).

  • Jump Ups x10
  • Merkins x20
  • LBCs x30
  • Squats x40

Rinse and Repeat x4

Mosey – Run to Pavillion



  • Backyard Brawl Shirt Preorder open thru 2/10
  • Happy Hour @ Hickory Tavern – January 26
  • Regionalization Meeting – Wed 27th, Sun 31st, or Tue 2nd.  Will confirm this weekend.
  • Yeti
  • Wednesday Basketball FUMC

Prayer Requests

  • Outhouse’s Mom
  • Daughter/Family of Stuart Cramer’s AD
  • F3 guys on the DL…Antrhax, Squeeker, Stroganoff..
  • All those travelling today

We finished up with BOM and group photo.