Our first downtown workout of 2016 since we went to the awesome 5th Year convergence on New Year’s Day.

Our Twitter Q sent a pre-blast that may have been threatening to some, which may be why the PAX were slow to arrive in the Gloom or not show at all.  To paraphrase Neil Peart (my apologies Neil) “If you choose not to decide to post, you still have made a choice…to fartsack  #Freewill.

It felt balmy compared to the last several days with temps this morning around 39 degrees.  We had an F3 guest (Scandal) from the Raleigh/Durham area and after some welcomes Defib informed us it was time to begin.

We started with SSH as three sets of headlights entered the lot.  By the time we hit 30 IC, two more had joined with an additional walking in making ten PAX for the morning glory.  Slow squats x10, Merkins x10, LBC’s x10, CDD’s x10, and Imperial Walkers x10 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

A quick mosey west around the parking lot and back east past the Pavilion to the Wall of Pain.

Wall sits to recover briefly and then

Wallwalkers:  The PAX lie flat with heels on the wall and push up to walk up the wall to vertical and back down 5 OYO

Wall sits with overhead presses IC

Balls to the Wall/Verkins:  Walk up the wall as before but at the top do presses OYO to failure.  A disclaimer was made prior to the exercise warning of the possibility of busting your skull on the concrete.  When the PAX reached failure, it was a quick collapse to the ground in a crumpled mess, or maybe that was just me.

Wall sits with front raises IC

Derkins on the wall:  The PAX walked up the wall to 30 degrees and completed 10 IC

This is where we were supposed to do some BB&T’s (formerly Donkey Kicks thanks to Whoopee) but I didn’t consult the Weinke.  Q fail!

We moseyed around again to the “art” sculpture and circled up.  There we completed:

Ten single leg lunges each leg with the rear leg on a bench.  We learned that Defib can’t count in sequence and Dr. Feelgood has a premature calculation problem.  Mumblechatter about the squats being a ski exercise so that spawned an idea to plan a ski trip for a 2nd F when the snow runs deep.  Sugar Mountain in the next couple months for sure.

Next was a wave of merkins for maybe 10-15 until some fell out.

Transition to the six and did some ab work.  I can’t remember but I know we did 20 WW1 sit-ups followed by a V Up and hold, followed by the backstroke 10 IC.  We then walked out a plank very far and at some point something starting hurting in my hip so we moseyed again, running to the parking deck and up the floors to the top.

A set of 10 CDD’s and 30 Flutter kicks and then ran back down the deck to the bridge.

We partnered up.  P1 would bear crawl to the fourth light pole while P2 would do minimum 25 squats.  Switch.  This was supposed to be an aggregate to 100, meaning each Pax would complete two sets of each but first the P 2’s went all EC to the 5th light pole and then made another Bear Crawl so it ended up being 3 rounds with 150 Squats.  Good work!

Mosey back to the Pavilion for some curb walkers, 360 pushups on the curb, and a 7 count burp and merk in honor of Whoopee.

YHC totally screwed up the Nameorama by forgetting to do it, (2nd Q fail) but we hit some announcements and prayer requests which are:


  1. 1st Anniversary CSAUP April 9th.  Will need RSVP ASAP for t-shirt orders.  Will be Mudgear and good quality which is what you would expect from the Gashouse but the timeline will be tight!  Let me know if you are a hard commit and want a shirt!
  2. Scandal (Patrick Walker) from Raleigh/Durham invited us to a CSAUP in Durham called the Bull. January 23rd 0600 hours.
  3. Dolph is looking to take a clown car to seize the Ghost Flag in Denver I believe. This will be Saturday morning.  DM Dolph for instructions:

Prayers for Outhouse’s mom on a pending scan and for Stroganoff’s cousin and family.
A pleasure to lead again and enjoy the benefits of this great group of men!