It was a very comfortable 33 degrees this morning at the downtown Rotary Pavilion where 8 PAX gathered for another beat down on the run.  Great to see some of the regulars back for more.  Oh… I’ll get to the whole “cliffhanger…” thing in a minute.

Warm Up

  • Don Quioxte – IC x10
  • Seal Jacks IC x20
  • Mountain Climbers IC x20
  • LBC IC x20
  • Merkins IC x10
  • (hmmmm, there was something else we were going to do, but I forgot)


Mosey – On the way to the parking deck I remembered the last warmup exercise, so we stopped at the corner of the parking lot to finish warm up…

  • BOYO x5

Burpee Escalator – Staring at lower level run to top of parking deck, do 1 burpee, then run back down.  Rinse and repeat x10, increasing the number of burpees +1 each round.  On round 10 you will run up, do 10 burpees, run down and plank and wait for the six.

Four Floor Escalator – Starting at bottom level, complete 10 reps of the first exercise then run up one level (run the parking deck, not the stairs), complete 20 reps of next exercise and up to next level, complete 30 reps and up, 40 reps then down he stairs to the starting position.  Throughout we kept the PAX together.

  • Jump Ups x10 OYO
  • Merkins x20 OYO
  • LBCs x30 OYO
  • Squats x40 OYO

Rinse and Repeat x2

Mosey – Run to Pavilion

Mary – We had enough time to get a round of people’s choice MOM exercises.

  • Freddie Mercury x10 IC – Richard Simmons
  • Heals to Heaven x12 IC – Dr. Feelgood
  • Peter Parkers x10 IC – Spider Man
  • ?Mountain Climbers x10 IC – Linus
  • ? x10 IC – Monk
  • Some Kind of Space Invader Squat Thingy x10 IC – Boss Hogg
  • ?LBC x10 IC – Defib

And to finish with a bang (or not), Bandit lead us in…..






If you weren’t there you will have to get to the sequel to find out.  What a cliffhanger.

COT – Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Regionalization planning on Sunday.  Contact Bandit
  • Backyard Brawl Shirts on Sale. Must order by Feb 10.
  • Can still sign up for the Yeti. Some PAX are riding bikes before workout on Saturday.
  • Can still buy tickets for Dancing For The Stars to see Dr. Feelgood.
  • Richard Simmons looking for volunteers for Night To Shine fundraiser.
  • Family of Marty D’Amore who passed away 1 year ago.
  • Outhouse’s Mom with concerns from recent tests.


Today we talked about leadership – The act of influencing other men to and through movement. Remember that leadership is neither good nor bad.  The outcome of leadership depends, in part, on the purpose of the leader.  The purpose of F3 is the reinvigoration of male community leadership.  What is your purpose?

We also talked about pushing each other. I’m grateful for all my brothers in the gloom that push me – whether it’s encouraging words during the WO, mumble chatter on the Twitter machine, or just posting.  My Jester only allows me to push myself so far. T-claps to the PAX for pushing me today.

Oh year… and what does Burt Reynolds head on steamed crab have to do with today’s workout?  Absolutely nothing!  But now I know what kind of cake I want for my birthday.  Thanks BA – strong work on all the Twitter machine preblast pics!

As always, pleasure to lead this great group of men.  Aye!