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  • When: 01/06/16
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Bandit, Anthrax, OutHouse, Defib, Kitty Cat, Linus, Spiderman, Squeeker, Richard Simmons, Monk, Bandit again, and Whoopee

It was clearly the coldest post for me on record, however we still had a very good showing, including 3 who showed for some extra credit at 5am to get a little running in before the workout (OutHouse, Defib, Whoopee-thanks for the push OutHouse). I learned a few things this morning: 24 degrees is too cold for shorts, SSH is best thing for pre-frost bite fingers (more is better, 40 reps is adequate), and I don’t like Wells Fargo ATMs.

WU: 10-15 reps IC of the following: SSH, CDD, Flutter, Squat, Merkin, Imperial Walker, Freddy Mercury (this was a true WU for me full of boredom after the first few exercises but I felt were necessary given the low temps).


The Thang:

Mosey carrying the medicine ball to dilapidated Lowe’s parking lot, partner up (not necessary but gave us something to do until all pax arrived). Split into 2 lines and 1 pax from each line did relay with medicine ball around parking lot in different directions but crossing in middle on other side of lot to hand off medicine ball then continue around back to start. While partners were doing this running thing, the remaining pax stayed at the start and did rounds of AMRAP of the following exercises: SSH, CDD, Flutter, Squat, Merkin, Imperial Walker, and Freddy Mercury. After the pax returned to start, the next in line repeated the relay/run with ball until all had gone twice (I think) while remaining pax moved on to the next exercise. This really makes sense in my head but sounds very confusing on paper.

Next exercise consisted of Donkey Kicks (also known as BB&T’s) and Dips. We started in front of store and did 30 seconds of BB&Ts then moseyed to end of building and did 30 seconds of dips. I think we did 2 sets of this, but just for the record let’s call it 5 sets of each.

I was getting bored with this I think because of the lack of mumble chatter. Was not sure if it was the workout or the cold weather….my vote is the weather since I had snot-icycles at this point.

We moved on down my Weinke and did a quick audible. My plan was to mosey to the local Bank of Bank (not really that far) but during the mosey we came upon a Wells Fargo ATM which served my purposes just fine. In front of the ATM we did ATMs (A=15 sets of alternating shoulder taps in 4 counts, T=tempo merkins:1-3 down then up on 4, M=regular fast single count merkins). We moseyed around the entire parking lot for total of 2 sets of ATMs (only comment was from OutHouse-“insufficient funds” which almost made me laugh a snotcylce out) then went back to the original starting point in front of the store and did some zombie lunge walk. At this point my fingers were numb and my legs really felt funny so I pulled an Oklahoma and did a bunch of SSH-this quickly returned blood to my fingers which made me want to keep doing them (sorry Linus, my fingers needed that). We did some more lunges then moseyed back to start for a few minutes of Mary plus a frozen cockroach. I succeeded in avoiding the escalating burpee/lap run on my Weinke so I was relieved to be finished.

The cold weather really takes some of the fun out of this for me, however if I did not have the pax to work out with, I would clearly be at home in my fartsack. Instead, I had a half hour of running before the workout with a couple great guys, learned something about cold fingers and SSHs, and got a chance to talk about F3 with Defib and some non-F3 people on the way to a lunch meeting after finding the medicine ball in my back seat. Thanks for showing up and posting.

We ended with announcements: Q school Jan 16 with some community service after for those able to stick around, Yeti in Feb, Congrats to Boss Hogg on the grandchild and a few others I cannot remember.

Great seeing everyone this am. If you need me, I’ll be at Dick’s getting some long, cold-weather running pants, earmuffs, mittens, a scarf, goggles, and a pair of yak-lined running shoes.