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Formerly The Black Knight, this AO meets Monday mornings at 0530 at Pelicans on Union Road, near the entrance to Martha River’s Park

Sharpen Up November Challenge

Most men in life are in the middle of the bell curve  unless we choose to be be better than that.  If you believe you are one of those guys in the middle, then this is especially for you.    I am talking to the guys that post a couple days  a week and call it good.  The guys who are passively involved in one or two F’s.  The one’s who don’t avail themselves to all the items on the F3 Menu.  The ones who won’t do a CSAUP or Q a workout regularly.  The ones who don’t lives their lives intentionally and “oversleep” instead of making a decision to wake up and get after it.  This challenge is to push that bell curve to the right.

I have heard some clamoring among the Gashouse PAX for a challenge along the lines of the 40 day challenge so here it is.

No excuses!

VISION:  In November you are going to challenge yourself to a few required physical tasks as well as maintaining standards to increase your acceleration.

This challenge can be modified based on your fitness level but make sure you make it happen.


1st F Requirements:

100 Miles combined run/ruck miles for the month to include:

-At least one ten-mile run and…

-At least one 12-mile ruck

-Or…one combined run/ruck of 15 miles

One Murph workout

Combined total of at least 25 workouts (30 minutes minimum, CSAUP’s count as 1)

Hydrate and take in protein after each workout.

Dietary Guidelines:

No Soda

No Fast Food

No sweets

No chips

More water

More salads, vegetables, and lean meats

No alcohol* (except at Bottom’s Up, F3 Gastonia’s only standing 2nd F event.  Limit yourself to two drinks (Moderation in all things, including moderation))

Cheat meals must be EARNED!   (with the exception of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a cheat day)

Seven workouts in a week earns you a cheat meal.

Going to Q-Source on Sunday morning earns a cheat meal.

If you have never been to a Q-Source session and go to your first one, you get an additional Cheat meal.

Persuasion:  Don’t be weak.  If you aren’t strong, you’re wrong.  That is it.  Make a shared Google Doc with your Shieldlock to track your mileage.  Journal your posts using Notes on your phone or some other method.  Post on Slack to update on your progress #accountability

YHC encourages Site-Q’s to schedule a long run or Ruck or Murph sometime during the month.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.  Otherwise, commit now to the challenge and quit making excuses.  Covid 2020 has been a real challenge  but we can continue to improve.  Prepare for this challenge now so you are ready.    The challenge begins with a ten miler at the Coconut Horse on November 1st, followed by Q-Source.  I am sure my friends in NOGA will make a similar option available.

EXHORTATION:  Quit being soft,



Día de la Pierna

The inspiration for this week’s Sandlot weinke came from Watt’s Up’s Q last week at The Sandlot. We shot dice, and the fate of the beat down was determined by the roll of the dice. First of all, it was a strong beat down that even my Strava app noted “This was harder than your usual effort”, but I also just liked the unknown factor of the outcome. During the workout, I mentioned that it reminded me of the UNO workout that I’d done before at Martha’s, and that I needed to bring the cards back out soon. As we were in the COT, Stinky Bird mentioned that he needed a Q for the following week. Since no one jumped right in, I broke the silence and said I’d take the Q. It was at that point that I already knew what we’d be doing the following week.

As I drove in, I saw Stroganoff and Time Frame getting in a little EC. The PAX started to roll in, and by 530, we had a good crowd for another Monday Gameday.

Start with The Pledge

SSH x 15
LBC x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

Mosey towards the park. Along the way, I nearly gave a poor lady a heart attack as we ran up on her. I thought she already knew we were closing in as I greeted her with a “Good morning.” Turns out, she did not.

Stop at the shed to gather the PAX.

Merkins x 10
Squats x 10

Mosey on the track around the baseball fields and up the path towards the building between the fields.

Let’s play UNO!

Deal a hand of 7 cards, face down, revealed one at a time. Each color is a different exercise with the count based on the number times 10 (I removed 6 through 9 including 0 out of mercy).

Red = Merkins (Rd 1), Hand Release Merkins (Rd 2), Diamond Merkins (Rd 3)
Yellow = Squats (Rd 1), Jump Squats (Rd 2), Imperial Walker Squats (Rd 3)
Green = LBC (Rd 1), Big Boy Sit-ups (Rd 2), Crunchy Frogs (Rd 3)
Blue = American Hammers (Rd 1), Dying Cockroaches (Rd 2), Flutter Kicks (Rd 3)
All Reverses = NUR around the building
All Skips = Lunge to a light along the path (increment by 1 for each skip) (and increment we did…)
All Draw 2’s = 2 8-count Body Builders
Draw 4’s = 4 8-count Body Builders
Wild Cards = Burpees x5

The cards were well shuffled, and YHC allowed Watt’s Up to cut the deck. Little did we know that the cards would decide that the PAX would get leg day out of the way early this week…

Round 1
Yellow Draw 2 = 2 8-count Body Builders
Draw 4 = 4 8-count Body Builders
Green 5 = 50 LBCs
Green 1 = 10 LBCs
Red Skip = Lunge to first light post in the walkway
Yellow Skip = Lunge to the second light post in the walkway
Draw 4 = 4 8-count Body Builders

Round 2
Red Reverse = NUR around the building
Yellow 2 = 20 Jump Squats
Green 1 = 10 Big Boy Sit-ups
Red 1 = 10 Hand Release Merkins
Blue Skip = Lunge to the third light post in the walkway
Blue 1 = 10 Dying Cockroaches
Draw 4 = 4 8-count Body Builders

Round 3
Red Skip = Lunge to the fourth light post in the walkway
Yellow 5 = 50 Imperial Walker Squats
Yellow Skip = Lunge to the fifth light post in the walkway
Red 5 = 50 Diamond Merkins
Green 3 = 30 Crunchy Frogs
Wild = 5 Burpees
Yellow 3 = 30 Imperial Walker Squats

Bonus Round – PAX picks the round for exercise
Yellow 2 = 20 Jump Squats
Red 2 = 20 Merkins
Blue 50 (really Red, but Watt’s Up and I agreed we saw Blue) = 50 Flutter Kicks (count each leg)

Mosey back to Snoball’s

One Round of Mary – Stroganoff led in 30 Flutter Kicks

Annihilation @ Gashouse – Gump Q – 8/29
Shoot’em up – 9/12
CSAUP – 9/19
JJ 5k – 9/26
Mt Mitchell Climb – 9/27
Iron PAX Challenge

Prayer Requests
EZ Rider family members
Roscoe and CMPD
Les Nessman’s wife
Short Sale
Allen Tate
Double Stuf’s dad

Prayer to take us out.

Thanks for the change to lead.

What is handy on a trail?

YHC roamed around this AO to gather inspiration as no weinke was prepared. Along the way saw Gastone, Dirt and TimeFrame out getting a little EC.

0530 hits and there is a late Christmas gift of a FNG. A Stinky Bird cousin. He hails from DC, so we will give him a good start and send him to Monk.

With the FNG present, a more complete introduction/disclaimer is given.


Warm Up:
Goof Balls IC x 15
Merkins IC x 10
MNCs IC x 10

Mosey to ramp behind Planet Fitness.
Bear Crawl ramp x2.
Monkey Humpers waiting on 6, then 20 more.

Mosey to steps between parking lots.
25 each of:
R. Foot Calf Raises
L. Foot Calf Raises
Toes In Calf Raises
Toes Out Calf Raises

Mosey up and down rows of parking lot, around the poles, until we are at entrance nearest Dollar General.

11s are called with Plank Jacks at bottom and Squats at the top.

Let’s move a little down the hill and have a seat on the wall.
After a bit we did 15 Air Presses IC
Put R. Foot on L. Knee, and then switched it around.

Mosey to top of hill, 20 Merkins and then back to wall.

Rinse and Repeat the Wall work.
Mosey to top of hill and do 20 Mtn Climbers and then back to wall.

Similar wall work, switching Air Presses for Marching.
Mosey to top of hill for 25 SSH and 20 Squats.

YHC posed a trivia question at this point…
“How many times has Ohio State beat Clemson in a bowl Game?”
Whatever the PAX answered, that was how many burpees were going to be called. The initial answer given was two, but they settled on the right answer of 0. Oh well, maybe next time.

From there we moseyed around the parking lot some to end up in front of the Food Lion.
Here, 5 Pax would say when they started F3 and who EH’d them. After the 5, mosey to end of the lot and back. This was repeated until all had spoken.

Mosey to the wall in front of the bank.
15 Dips
15 Step Ups each leg.

Still a couple of mins, so
15 Incline Merkins
15 Derkins

Meander to start to close out the time.

Christmas Party this Saturday.
Murph on Wednesday 0700 at Martha Rivers. No Labyrinth.

YHC took us out.

Welcome to William Ryan, now known as Spork! Hope you join another DC transplant from GasHouse, Monk.
Glad to see Belding come back and always good to have JK2 make an appearance.

As we go into 2020, remember this from Romans 8:18:
For I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us.

Watts Up powering down.

40 on 4th of 40/50?

Seems there are a lot of challenges being thrown out there lately. A few weeks ago, YHC was called out to join an EC ruck workout. I must say I have become a fan (but I still wouldn’t call myself a Sambriches). That same day, YHC was challenged to Q a workout at Neverland. It had been a while so it was probably the push I needed. My day just happened to fall on day 4 of the 40/50 challenge. YHC reversed the challenge back on the PAX of F3 Gastonia to see if we could get 40 to post on day 4. Yes, it was ambitious. No, it didn’t matter if we didn’t get 40 to post. The men who showed up would push the rock, and putting a little extra challenge out there may help some PAX get the challenge going.

On the morning of the workout, there were only a handful of cars in the Snoball’s parking lot when I rolled in about 520. At this point, I was hoping to have 4 PAX to post. Pretty rapidly, a flurry of vehicles came in and the count grew. As 530 approached, I knew we may not hit 40, but it was the largest crowd that I had Q’ed.

Clock hit 0530 so it was time to start.

No FNGs, so a short disclaimer

SSH x 14
Merkins x 14
LBCs x 14
Imperial Walkers x 14

At some point, an FNG rolled in so a more detailed disclaimer was given.

The Pledge

Mosey to the park between the baseball fields

Partner up for a round of Squatros. One partner runs to the end of the baseball field while the other does AMRAP of the exercise. When partner 1 returns, partner 2 runs while partner 1 does the exercise.

Round 1 – Squats
Round 2 – Sumo Squats
Round 3 – Imperial Walker Squats
Round 4 – Copperhead Squats

Rinse and repeat with Merkins

Round 1 – Merkins
Round 2 – Diamond Merkins
Round 3 – Wide-armed Merkins
Round 4 – Copperhead Merkins

Mosey to the field near the rocks for some 4 corners

Round 1 – Escalating 4 corners
Corner 1 – Merkins x 10
Corner 2 – American Hammers x 20
Corner 3 – Flutter Kicks x 30
Corner 4 – LBCs x 40

Round 2 – De-escalting 4 corners
Corner 1 – LBCs x 40
Corner 2 – Flutter Kicks x 30
Corner 3 – American Hammers x 20
Corner 4 – Merkins x 10

Mosey to the picnic shelter
Dips x 20
Step Ups x 40
Dips x 40

Mosey back to Snoballs with several stops along the way for flutter kicks to keep the PAX together.

Sledge-O-Matic election (He won! Congrats!)
P200 – see Montross or Stroganoff
Go Ruck Light – 12/7
Go Ruck Heavy – April
40/50 Challenge – Prep for the CSAUP-ish close on 12/21 which may or may not involve rucking

Prayer Requests
Mason – trip to specialist
Dry Rub’s M

Naming of the FNG – Welcome Styx!

Prayer to take us out.

Thanks to the HIMs that posted that morning. Upon returning home from this post, I found the daily Bible verse on my phone was from Galatians 5:16. “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” To me, this embodies the spirit of the 40/50 challenge. We’ve talked a lot about the maintenance of calories, but I see this as a challenge to become better men in all aspects of life. There is, by the way, a good deed component specifically called out. Being around the men of F3 Gastonia helps me in my walk. You guys encourage me to be better and set the pace in our community in all areas of leadership. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this group.

Until next time…

In Absencia

Some guys went to do some thing up in the mountains.  I’m sure it was fun.

I cooked the Sammich for 3 that morning.  YHC, Outhouse and Tube.  We rucked to the elementary school.  We found the stairs.  We did 7’s on the stairs with the pack on.  Merkins at the top and Squats at the bottom.  We walked to the playground and removed the packs.  We did some pullups and some more merkins.  Then we rucked back and stopped in a few spots to do some more merkins.  We got to startex and laid on the ground and did some stuff.

Nuff said.


Spring has arrived but where is the PAX?

Understanding many were preparing for the P90x event this weekend,  YHC was expecting a smaller crowd.  Island and I arrived about 5:20 am and no one was in sight.  A bit odd, though a number are known to come streaking in at the last minute.    After a few minutes, it looked like it may be just be the two of us.   Perhaps it was the weather (freezing on the 1st day of Spring) or maybe that the Martha’s House crew knew that Gastone’s hill was going to be the star attraction.   Or maybe a statement against YHC’s Q abilities.  Being very insecure, YHC started to cry.  But suddenly out of darkness, there were lights.   And then more lights.   Looks like we’ll have a party after all.     6 PAX strong, lets get to work.


Disclosure : Be careful as we run down Riverwood, vehicles are going faster and faster.  Beware and be safe.

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC

MNC’s x 30 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

Lets Mosey

The Thang

Mosey down Riverwood Parkway, stopping at every light or so for 20 squats OYO (total of 100)

After 5 sets of squats, switched over to 10 burpees per light (total of 20)

At Gastone’s hill, Bernie Sander’s to the top circle

Plank it up

Flutter Kicks x50 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Next round up Gastone’s hill, sprint to each light, complete 10 merkins, rinse and repeat until the top circle

Plank it up

Reverse Crunches x 40 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Next round up the hill, bear crawl to each mail box, pause for a 10 count, rinse and repeat.  Complete to the 5th mail box

Meander to the side parking lot

On the decline (Hill), perform 30 big boy sit ups (feet up on the high side).  This was  crowd pleaser for sure.   Some had good form, others modified and had some strange body gyrations.

Let’s mosey, back down the hill and head towards the start.   YHC hears some mumble chatter about being happy not to be going back up Gastonia’s hill.   YHC will give your money’s worth so mid stride omaha’d and circled back to Gastone’s hill.   Normal mosey up to the top circle and mosey back down.

After the false start, now heading back to the start.  We stopped at a few lights to lunge walk to the next light.  Time was getting very short.  Jail break to the finish.  Time…..

Way to push it men.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q.  This group today put in the work.  Watt’s Up has turned into some Marvel super hero, Timeframe has lifted his game and is steps ahead of where he was, Spiderman is back to top form, Dirt is just solid and a machine.   Island is just continues to be the shut down corner.   You guys are inspiring me to lift my game.   Thanks for the push.


Convergence at Folsom March 30th

Community Run April 13th

Mt Mitchell Hike First Sunday in May


Gastone’s father in law

Unspoken prayers

Till next time.  Go Tar Heels!


UNO Numero Dos

When YHC signed up to Q at Snoballs, he’d forgotten that a fairly significant game would be taking place that evening. YHC thought a game-themed workout would be appropriate. Although the mumble chatter would be fierce for a Blue vs Blue Q, it was necessary to keep it somewhat civil and avoid a rivalry-based beatdown (However, that beatdown would come later that day). What better way to bring all fan bases together than with a game of UNO.

The forecast of rain may have kept some away, but YHC arrived to find several PAX ready to go. 0530 let’s do it.

Short disclaimer

The Pledge

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
Imperial Walkers x15

Mosey to the building between the baseball fields at the Martha’s.

Here’s how it works… Each color is an exercise. 1-5 multiple number by 10 to get exercise count. 6-10 multiple number by 5 to get exercise count. Reverse, Skips, Wild, Draw 2 and Draw 4 each have their own exercise. Seven cards are dealt face down and revealed one at a time.

Round 1:
Blue = LBC; Green = SSH; Red = Plank Jacks; Yellow = Squats; Skip = 20 Flutters IC; Reverse = 20 Monkey Humpers; Wild = Bear Crawl around the building; Draw 2 = 5 Burpees; Draw 4 = 10 Burpees

Inevitably, there is always one hand that is dominated by the same color. We got that out of the way in Round 1.

Hand #1
Green 5 (50 SSH)
Green 10 (10 SSH)
Green 3 (30 SSH) (These cards were shuffled)
Blue 4 (40 LBC)
Red 8 (40 Plank Jacks)
Yellow 2 (20 Squats)
Red Skip (20 Flutters IC)

Mosey around the outside of one of the baseball fields. Back for Hand #2

Round 2:
Blue = Big Boy Situps; Green = American Hammers; Red = Mtn Climbers; Yellow = Merkins; Skip = 20 Flutters IC; Reverse = 20 Monkey Humpers; Wild = Lunge around the building; Draw 2 = 5 Burpees; Draw 4 = 10 Burpees

Hand #2
Blue 7 (35 Big Boy Situps)
Green Draw 2 (5 Burpees)
Yellow 7 (35 Merkins)
Yellow 6 (30 Merkins)
Green Reverse (20 Monkey Humpers)
Blue 5 (50 Big Boy Situps)
Draw 4 (10 Burpees)

Mosey to the picnic shelter

Round 3:
Blue = Step Ups; Green = Dips; Red = Long Arm Crunches; Yellow = Sumo Squats; Skip = 50 Moroccan Night Clubs IC; Reverse = 20 Monkey Humpers; Wild = Diamond Merkins; Draw 2 = 5 Burpees; Draw 4 = 10 Burpees

Hand #3
Blue 3 (30 Step Ups)
Green 6 (30 Dips)
Red 9 (45 Long Arm Crunchies)
Blue Reverse (20 Monkey Humpers)
Draw 4 (10 Burpees)
Wild (10 Diamond Merkins)
Green 5 (25 Dips)

Short mosey around one light post in the parking lot. Back for an abbreviated hand using the same exercises as round 3. At this point, the wind started picking up and blowing the cards around. I believe I was able to get the cards back in the correct order.

Hand #4
Blue Reverse (20 Monkey Humpers)
Red 9 (45 Long Arm Crunches)
Yellow 1 (10 Sumo Squats)

During this last hand, there were groans about another round of Long Arm Crunches. I shared the Turtleman wisdom from earlier in the week about work in the winter and reward in the summer. That was met with the reminder that Turtleman was not present at this particular workout. To which, YHC had nothing.

Mosey back towards Pelican’s. Stop along the way for some IC exercise that I cannot remember at this point.

Mosey back to Pelican’s. Two quick rounds of Mary and then time was called.

Mt Mitchell outing (May 5th)
Latini Memorial Run

Prayer Requests
Big Pappy
Gastone’s father
Mason’s birthday (T-Square’s 2.0)

Prayer to close it out.

Welcome FNG Tombstone.

Until next time…

F3 Dads at Martha’s House part 3

Little Caesar and I showed up before the allotted time and were ready to go.  Before I lit the charcoal I wanted to make sure that someone else would show up for F3 Dad’s at Marthas part 3.  I look into the parking lot full of cars and see an American flag being pulled out of a trunk.  I know that F3 has arrived so I light the charcoal and get the flames burning for the cocoa bar after the beatdown.

Voodoo and his FNG Daughter now known as “Teddy Bear” and Hipaa and his 2.0 son “Hoverboard” show.  Hoverboard was wearing a Speed for Need kids shirt and Hipaa was wearing a bad ass black F3 shirt with his evil skull half-face covered thing.  (It wasn’t that cold out but he looked cool.  In South Central)

We waited for a while and YHC entertained the kids with frisbee throwing for a while.  When we realized YHC failed to promote the event enough and no one else was going to show, we got ready for a kid friendly beatdown.

Disclaimer and explanation of F3 to Teddy Bear.  SSH x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, LBC’s x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10. Squats x 5,  Squats with 2.0’s in the human torture rack x 5

Mosey to an adjacent field.  Frisbee toss/sprint/exercise:  One Pax slings the frisbee…sprint to where it lands, 5 merkins or 5 squats x 10 or so.  The kids were hard to beat to the frisbee as they were willing to go all out Pete Rose style to get it.  Advantage:  2.0’s

Next up was the Leap Frog:  Dad’s versus kids

The kids didn’t want to get down.  They lacked a sense of urgency.  They didn’t work together as a team.  The dad’s rested and re-organized the kids during the event and wouldn’t let them quit when they wanted to go get water.  Advantage:  Dad’s

Next up:  Dora 25-50-90?  Squats, LBC’s, Hipaa was stuck doing the exercise for a while.  Hoverboard was picking daisies or something.  YHC had to herd him back to his dad before his dad stroked out.  Little Caesar claimed some outrageous number of LBC’s, but Teddy Bear got to 90 in one set.  #Impressivekids

The breakdown of leadership and discipline was evident so YHC declared the event over.  We went straight to announcements after a quick water break and so Teddy Bear could go get her toboggan. ???

What are the 2.0’s thankful for?   Food, Basketball, and Basketball

Prayer requests:  My dad’s trip back from Florida on his Motorcycle

YHC prayed us out and we raced to the hot chocolate bar.  I think it was the first time in months Hipaa had chocolate and he savored it.  The kids ate marsh mellows with their cocoa.  A lot of marsh mellows.

We cleaned up quickly.  T-Claps for Hipaa to put out the fire and collect the gear and for Voodoo helping clean up.

A beautiful afternoon to spend with the kids and F3 brothers.  Good to see Voodoo coming out a bunch in a short time!   Thanks for Hipaa being a great leader and taking action on behalf of F3.  #allin

Until next time,


After last Wednesday’s post at Martha’s House Gastone announced that he was looking for a Q for the following week.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to expose my 2.0, Google, to being Q and all of the things this brings.  He with some reluctance accepted the opportunity and began to think of what he might do.

11 #HIM’s showed for the Wed edition of Snowballs and to sharpen each other.

5:30 and here we go.

Google started with the pledge.

SSH x 15

Mosey to the picnic shelter in the park.

Google calls 30 step ups each leg.

30 Dips

Timeframe takes over for the thang:

11’s in the parking lot.  Derkins this side and jump squats on that side.

Thank you HIPAA for the plank work waiting for the 6.

After all this fun we had its time to have more.

Start at lower end of Martha Rivers parking lot and mosey to top stopping at every Island (Clavin actually stopped at Island the HIM) for 5 burpees.  All total I think there were 8 Islands to total 40 burpees…Clavin gets 45 and still finished 1st.  What a beast.

Time for the ring of fire.  This was a mixture of mostly LBC’s with some flutter kicks and box cutters.  The object was that one at a time each HIM ran around the circle x2 until finished.  This guys were lots of fun with the chatter.

We then took a lap around the baseball fields and back to the parking lot for Mary.

Each PAX called out an exercise.

As I remember went something like:

American Hammers x 20

Michael Phelps x 47

Dying Cockroaches

Flutter Kicks

Merkins with a pause at bottom and around town.  Crowd pleaser for sure.

Big Boy situps

Crunchy Frogs

5 burpees oyo


Psudo merkins.  This is merkins with hands turned out.

Mosey back to snowballs….

and time.


HIPAA has started a pain lab on Tuesday mornings at Bess elementary to give us a pain lab option throughout the week.  Please get by and support this.  This is excellent work by HIPAA and I think is a much needed move.  Nice work brother.

Thank you to the HIM’s for pushing me as always and especially pushing Google.  I’m sure he gets tired of my voice and seems to respond a bit better to the other HIM’s.

You guys are awesome.  I truly feel that F3 is a direct answer to some of my prayers.


Google and Timeframe



Took Too Long

I lead a workout. I smoked from the crackpipe of manana and did not post the backblast.  wanted to get it on the books to give the pax the credit.

It was before burpeethod.  We did a warmup. I read from the Q source, we did some planks and shoulder taps and stuff, then we moseyed and got some rocks from the rock farm.  We went to the parking lot and did some curls with the rocks.  We did some Dora 123

100 dying cockroaches

200 flutters

300 LBC’s

Partner ran around the light post.

Went back to the snoballs parking lot and did a Circle Burp and got to 64 (I think).  I Omaha’d and we did about 4 minutes of mary.

We prayed.

That is all.  Sorry for the delay in posting Huckleberry.

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