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  • When: 01/05/2016
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  • QIC: Godfather
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  • PAX: Godfather (Q), T-Square, Linus, Fresh Prince, Top Hat, Monk, Squeaker, Bandit, JoBu, Defib, Outhouse, Dolph, Brown Streak, Roscoe, Sticks (FNG)

Fifteen PAX (including one FNG) answered the call and posted to the first workout at #TheStorm of 2016. When YHC got out of the #momwagon the temperature outside was 26 degrees, so it was no surprise to the see all members of the group tightly bundled – all members except Top Hat, who posted in his signature Duke hoodie and SHORTS. With one FNG in tow, it was time to remind everyone of the disclaimer, stating that no one here was an expert and that we’re idiots so if you follow us, you must be an idiot too. YHC stated that if F3 stood for Food, Fun, and more Fun, that he might consider myself an expert. With the laughter coming to an end, it was time for the Warm-Up (Unfortunately, no one would actually be warm until a little later).

The Warm-Up, as always, was in cadence and began with 20 Side-Straddle Hops. Next came 20 Scorpion Carolina Dry Docks (CDD’s with one leg in the air like a scorpion’s tale) with ten reps of each leg in the air. The third exercise brought the PAX to frozen ground, as it was time for 20 Little Baby Crunches. The fourth exercise was a lesson in cultural sensitivity as the PAX completed 10 Appalachian Americans (formerly Hillbillies) in a nod to T-Square, who has not appreciated all the racism (is Hillbilly, er, Appalachian American actually a race?) we’ve been having in F3. The final exercise of the warm-up was a set of 10 Imperial Walkers, and since we didn’t have any soldiers of the Grand Republic Army in our group, we left it at that.

The Thang began with a mosey to the gate of the football stadium. The PAX were then notified that they would be completing a round of Burpicides with increasing burpees at each stop. In all, there would be EIGHT stops, so the PAX who were able to complete 100% of this work out actually did 36 burpees by the end.

Partnering up, the group had to go the length of half the parking lot alternating between Lunges and Bear Crawls. T-Claps are due to JoBu who made sure YHC only had to Bear Crawl about 15 yards. With plenty of time still left of the clock, the PAX moseyed their way further from #TheStorm with many beginning to wonder if we would be heading to #GoatIsland to finish the workout. Instead, the PAX stopped just before leaving Stuart Cramer’s campus and met for the first time, #VictoryHill.

The Beatdown of #VictoryHill commenced with the PAX once again joining with their partner and completing 200 Squats on an aggregate count while their partner ran up the hill and did one Burpee before returning to the bottom. YHC informed the group once again of the disclaimer as #VictoryHill has quite a few holes – cannonball craters, no doubt, from the storied Battle for Castle Cramer during the 1460’s.

The Beatdown continued with a Bear Crawl up the hill and by then, it was time to count off not once, not twice, but THRICE (look it up) before moving on to the next exercises. The PAX then moseyed across the field and back before making their way down the #VictoryHill. Extra Credit was awarded to Dolph and others who decided to do a Backwards Bear Crawl down the hill.

At the bottom, it was time to make our way back to the start but as many of you know, YHC is not a huge fan of running anywhere without stopping. So, the PAX started their journey back with a Bear Crawl from the first speed bump to the guard rails. Stopping for a break at the rails, the group completed 10 Dips and 10 Derkins, in cadence, on the rails before moving on. From the guard rails, it was time to complete a Zombie Walk to second speed bump. In an Ode to the Mayor, the PAX then completed a Backwards Skip from the second speed bump to the SCHS Spirit Rock. After moseying from the rock to the third speed bump, the PAX completed 15 Flutter Kicks in cadence and a round of Homer to Marge.

Several of the PAX were deducted T-Claps for racing back to the starting point when they were clearly instructed to mosey – I’m looking at you Dolph, Roscoe, and Bandit! Back at the starting point, the workout was closed out with 7 French Fries, a Ring of Fire with 5 Merkins each, and 5 Burpees OYO.

The BOM consisted of the Pledge of Allegiance, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, and Prayer lead by T-Square. T-Claps are in order to our newest FNG, Stick (AKA Wade Crofton), for braving the freezing temperatures to see what this F3 nonsense is all about.

Closing Note – The temperature actually dropped from 26 to 23 degrees by the end of the workout!

Thanks again to all that showed up this morning, I wholly expected three or four guys to be out here.