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  • When: 01/15/16
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Roscoe, Dr. Feelgood, Flintstone, Bandit, Anthrax, LETC (visiting from Wilmington), Shirley, Spiderman, Whoopee, Spiderman, Hot for Teacher (FNG)

Our kitchen is being painted so our entire downstairs has been turned upside down this week and the smell is almost overwhelming. “Why does that matter to me?” you might ask….Well, ironically I had a hard time finding my running shoes to make it this am for the NO RUNNING workout. I actually made it there ON TIME ( and about 3 seconds before Dr. Feelgood) but not early enough to stretch so my WU again turned into a true WU instead of my usual speed WU. I got to the PAX and looked at my phone and it was exactly 0530…then along comes the FNG I have been EHing for many months. The purpose of the NO RUNNING workout was to be inclusive of a friend with a bad back-the same guy a few of us have done some mud runs with in the past who is now confined to exercises that don’t hurt his back. He still manages to sweat it out at the YMCA between quarterly injections in his back. He is the type that you would want with you in a foxhole (just an expression, never actually been in a foxhole myself, keep your comments to yourself-I said foxhole, not fox’s hole). He would definitely be leading the pax if he was out here regularly. Hot for Teacher, if you are reading this, I’ll say it again…you made my week posting this morning-glad you were there and hope you got enough kool aid to bring you back again in the future.

Here’s what I remember…

WU: 10 reps IC of the following: SSH, Squat, Flutter, Merkins, Don Quixote, Gorilla Humpers, Scorpion Dry Docks, SSH (short round #2 just because I like them so much).

Pledge of Allegiance


Lunge to the Bridge…..wow, that is longer than I remember….are we there yet???…..I hate Whoopee…..OKLAHOMA. Stop half way at entrance to the Gov’t Building and do sets of Drop Down’s (R leg on bench/wall behind and stationary front lunge/squat on L leg) X 10 each leg then Derkin X 10. We did 2 rounds of this.

Continue lunge toward bridge……OKLAHOMA-turn right before bridge and go to wall for Donkey Kicks (aka BB&Ts) X 10 (or was it 20?) then 20 Squats followed by Hip Slappers (my new fav) X 10 (or was it 20?) then 20 squats. Think we did 2 sets of this with unreliable counting by Whoopee, sorry guys. Halfway thru, I needed some air so I polled the Pax for a joke (hip slapper…..joke….sorry). Hot for Teacher thankfully provided a (moderately long) joke about a rich guy, a naked woman, and a bunch of quarters. I laughed but not sure I could tell you if it was funny to be honest. I was just glad to catch my breath for a bit. Think there was a wardrobe malfunction somewhere along here and I was accused of impersonating Daisy Duke……real or just a fantasy of mine…….who knows? My eyes are up here!!!

I am just now realizing that I misread my Weinke (probably during the Daisy Duke hiatus) and left out a few minutes of Mary with a trip to the ATM that was designed to provide a core beating…..will save that for next time.

We then ran…scratch that…lunged to the center part of the parking lot and partnered up. I introduced the Pax to the “Slowjangle Biscuit with Blueberries.” This is not to be confused with the Bojangle Biscuit. Each partner lunged around the lot in different directions and did 10 Merkins midway then upon meeting said partner on back side of the loop proceeded with 10 Burpees (slapping double high 5’s was optional and encouraged-thanks Roscoe) then continued with the lunge around the circle and back to the start. We got crazy on the first half and added a little Chinook for the inbound lunge but ran out of fuel for the second half. I was not too hungry so 1 Slowjangle Biscuit was plenty for me this morning.

Time was running short so we lunged back to the Gov’t Building for some Dips and Derkins (X ? 2 sets of 20 each, I think). This was followed by (or preceded by?) 6 minutes of pain: 1 minute of Merkins, 2 minutes of Lunges, 3 minutes of Flutters (AMRAP during that amount of time). I OKLAHOMA’d so much this morning, I cannot remember the order. We then lunged back to start for about 45 seconds of plank until time was up.

Mission Accomplished…no running and FNG Hot For Teacher was present.

I have been thinking about the holiday posts by other F3 pax, specifically about the “word” for the year…a word to keep in mind that will help guide decisions and actions this year. Many words have been considered, however the image that kept creeping back into my mind was a bowling ball. Not sure if that is from my tendency to be a “disrupter” or from going bowling recently with Dr. Feelgood and our combined 7 kids during the holidays. I know, really sounds strange but what I got from this is IMPACT. That is the word that I have finally chosen for 2016. Never done this before, so will probably need some pax to keep me accountable. My goal is to have more of an impact on my family, my friends, my coworkers (sorry Defib) and those who spend time in my general vicinity during 2016. Hot for Teacher, you are the first victim of my impact for 2016. Hope to see you out here again soon. I’ll lunge instead of running during any workout we are here together.

Not sorry for the long post, had to get this out. It’s my therapy when the house is quiet and I have been smelling paint fumes for the past 2 hours. Looking forward to how F3 Gastonia grows in 2016 and proud to be a part of this group of great guys.