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  • When: 01/26/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: BA
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: BA (QIC), JoBu, Godfather, Dolph, Brown Streak, Monk, Fresh Prince, TSquare, Top Hat, Mayor

10 PAX arrived for BA’s Q at #TheStorm.  There was a little confusion as some of the PAX had gathered outside, but then moseyed over to the weight room as they saw and heard my truck roll by while honking the horn.  We all know if it’s under 40 and I am the Q at #TheStorm we will spend some time in the weight room.

Coming off a week on the DL I had plenty of time to think of something different I could do as a Q that we haven’t done before at any F3 Gastonia workout (I would be surprised if it has been done at any F3 workout).  My goal was to work the neck muscles and trapezius muscles…. yeah yeah probably a reason we have never seen this, but I sort of march to my own drummer…..

Circle Up In Weight Room With Your Own Area And A Pair Of Dumbbells Nearby (Brown Streak stood guard in his tights outside awaiting late arriving PAX…or in silent protest of being inside)

Quick shoutout to Brown Streak and Monk for coordinating their tights today (side by side) and Godfather for showing up in long johns… stylin and profilin

WU: (In Cadence)

  • SSH x 20
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 20

-Pledge Of Allegiance-


  • Roxanne (Merkins on Roxanne/Plank Jacks on Red Light) -I believe this is when TopHat rolled in…public transportation must have been running late-
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:25 Sides:20)
  • Sally (Squats)
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:25 Sides:20)
  • Thunder (Burpees)…added 15 SSH during dead time in music
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:20 Sides:15)
  • Farmer Carries With Dumbbells
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:15 Sides:10) –Thanks Mayor and Dolph for the counting..not sure how many we actually completed-
  • Peoples Chair With Weight  -Shout out to my M for the use of her music…. When I put the music on shuffle to motivate us through Peoples Chair we all learned ‘Bout That Life from some rapper named Meek Mill (I googled it)…. most wish we didn’t-
  • Bodies (Donkey Kicks/Merkins)

-Quick Note… JoBu was very very disappointed we did not do any JoBus aka Monkey Humpers.  This weeks Q’s I ask you to please add these so I stop getting his text and calls complaining we forgot his favorite exercise.  He let me know he went home right after the workout this morning and immediately did 1,000 JoBus to make up for what we forgot.



Announcements: Bicycles at 6am at GasHouse…extra credit (yes JoBu you can borrow my 7 year old sons bike…you are about the same size)

Prayers: Top Hat led us through prayers for the PAX

Coffeeteria: 3 at Floyd and Blackies

Great to lead the group today.  I know the workout was a bit different, but I hope you got something out of it.