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Day: January 21, 2019

Table for 2

2 Men braved the morning 5 mile run.

The Thang:

We ran 5 miles

The Moleskin:

We met at 6:30am at the Harris Teeter Parking lot for a 5 mile run.

Other’s showed but I could not tell you with all the activity who actually did something and the amount of people that participated. So I am counting the number of people that showed to run the Coconut Horse Sunday morning run.

Extra runner’s out some place. I just know the only other person I had seen actually run was Linus.

Rucker’s are counted below. With the gains in Gastonia lately I believe we will grow in the area of Rucking.

Good work to all,

Gastone Out.



PRE-Blast F3 Gastonia 50 mile CSAUP

http://f3gastonia.com/event-signups/ F3 Gastonia…We all know that we are ALWAYS willing to push yourself in whatever we do, but now are you ready to push your body through those MILES??  If so sign up by February 16th for the first CSAUP event in 2019 for F3 Gastonia. This CSAUP is not only going to give you the chance to see every AO in our region but also be a part of a relay team.  This relay will consist of a four-man relay team (we will create teams after you sign up) that will venture 50 miles through the beautiful land of Gaston County.  Even though this is a four-man relay team, there is a reason this is a CSAUP!!!  Each of you can do this….push yourself……Click on the link above to sign up and goodluck 

EVENT: F3 Gastonia CSAUP.                         DATE: February 23, 2019 @ 4amMEETING POINT: Park at the ingles in Dallas for the starting and finishing point 715 west trade street Dallas nc 28034

What time do we start and who’s the Q

15 PAX got after it on Sunday morning at Crossroads. At least 2 rucked and the others ran.

Hacksaw rucked like 6 miles and I saw him stopping and doing exercises

Folsom Chief Montross continues to step up his P200 training. He put in close to 6.

Tclaps to the Mayor who was out running some miles this morning. Apparently Dolph fartsacked on him!

Speaking of fartsackilitis I’m writing this because the Q didn’t make it out.

Sparky showed up late………. but well you know!

All were out getting better. Because if you aren’t getting better you are getting worse. There is no in between.


Prayer Request-Several friends and family members dealing with cancer, several wives with illness


We out!


Keep it moving

With the forecast calling for temps slightly below freezing, YHC wasn’t sure how many PAX would show this morning at Mt. Hollywood. Not only did 11 PAX decide to start the week off right, some even posted in shorts. Let’s get started.


No FNG’s, but a short disclaimer was given anyway. Warmup with some SSH’s, Don Q’s and Moroccan Nightclubs and then onto The Thang:


Quarter Miler

The goal of the workout today was to keep moving so we moseyed in 1/4 mile increments and at each stop performed a set of exercises.

Stop #1 – Wall at Rankin Elementary

Donkey kicks, Dips and Derkins x15

Stop #2 – Wells Fargo

American Hammers, Freddie Mercury’s x30 (count right side)

Stop #3 – Hill St. at City Hall

Hand release Merkins, Plank Jacks, Shoulder Taps x15

Stop #4 – Front of Police Station

Michael Phelps, LBC’s x40

Stop #5 – First Pres parking lot

Mike Tysons, Merkins, CDD’s x15

Stop #6 – Halfway up Baptist Hill

Rosalita’s, Mtn. Climbers, Flutter Kicks x40

Stop #7 – Glendale and Hawthorne

10 Burpee’s

Stop #8 – Steps across from Middle School

10 Calf raises on each step, 50 Squats


Still a little time left so head over to the front of the school for 3 rounds of 1 minute wall sit and 10 Hip Slappers followed by Protractors and Big Boy sit ups to finish it off.



Announcements – Be on the lookout for 50 mile CSAUP soon



Tiger announced last week that Mt. Hollywood was committing to pray for the Gastonia region PAX throughout the year. As you are doing this, think about why it is important to pray for others. Two reasons that come to mind are:


James 5:15 – “Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective”.


1 Timothy 2:1 – “First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people”.

If you feel led to do so, reach out to those you are praying for each week and see if there are any specific things you can pray for. Sometimes all a person needs to lift their spirits is to know that they aren’t alone and someone else is thinking about and praying for them.


Prayer Requests

Anchorman’s mother in law

2018 Gashouse leadership team – ToolTime, Pizza Man, Sargento, Freight, Roscoe, Short Sale



YHC took us out.


Welcome to Wrangler who lives just outside of Mt. Holly and started posting last week at one of the Lake Norman AO’s. Sounds like he’s gonna be one of those dual region PAX!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


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