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Day: January 13, 2019

All who wander aren’t lost

Gastone asked YHC to Q the Coconut Horse and since my Sunday routine always starts with the horse so of course I agreed.

Whoopee was looking to start early with some EC Rucking so I accepted that and showed up at 0515, ready to go.  The rain/sleet was falling pretty good so when Whoopee showed up and parked beside me I greeted him with a grin and a gesture.

At 0530 we headed out on the normal route and got as far as we could before turning around for my official Q at 0630.  As we approached the HT we passed HushPuppy on a solo run.  Then Breaker Breaker passed by coming out of the HT.  At 0629 Linus showed up and we tried to coax him into the Ruck option as we had an extra Ruck between us.  He wanted to run so Whoopee and I headed off in the other direction.

We returned at 0715 or so and there were more cars than people in the parking lot.  COT only had four but when we entered Starbucks there were a total of 8 as ToolTime, Stroganoff, and Defib were now showing for the Q-Source discussions being led by Stroganoff.  Short Sale returned from a run and then our new PAX Compass showed up after a ten miler.  No one dared run under the tunnels of the greenway as the water was flowing fast this morning.  The discussions were excellent regarding language.  We discussed accountability, candor, love, and self-discipline.

F3 is a great thing.  Give it away.

Ramblings from a Rambling Man

During the 2nd F and Q-Source last week, Roadie let me take the Q next week and Montross kindly stepped aside as the next open slot, I would be out of town. I also took on the F.2 Language of the Q source.

I showed up at 0600 in time to plant the flag before the ruck crew took off. It was a good thing I was running today, because the pace was to be pushed as Roadie, Bedpan, Dr Seuss, Brock and Buckeye decided to Ruck. Two groups emerged and one group was at a 15 minute pace and the other was at 13:45. Super fast and Excellent work by those men. There were some comedic offerings by Bedpan when he looked at Roadie and asked him to “turn him on from the back.” He also mentioned that he spoke with Def about his blow up. Now, not knowing any context this is hilarious and it was funny knowing the context, however, it was in reference to his marking light on his rucksack and the pouch couch he plans on using for the P200. Def has some stories from the Tuna and Bourbon.

Sister Act and Blart waited as long as they could for Def before they struck out on their own, but those who were with him on the Bourbon, know how long he takes to change or get ready. It was declared that Sister Act may be the nicest person in F3 Gastonia and when YHC asked about different kinds of coffee to order instead of the usual black, Def kept referencing his wife’s and daughters choices to me, which made me feel hollow inside and less manly so I got the usual black coffee.

On to the Q-source. It was on Language and it meant something that it is the 2nd part of the foundation for all of the Q points. Read up on them; it is worth it. Thank you men for the input and Def for picking me up on the Bible verse today.

We give each other a hard time out there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because the 2nd F and 3rd F is superior to all others (statement made – prove it wrong by stepping out and seeing what others have). Thank you again men…It was an honor and a pleasure. Until next time, and, as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony said, Ill see you at the Crossroads.


I think I owe a backblast

It occurred to me that the week got away from me and I didn’t post a backblast for my Q on 1/5 at the Schiele.  So here you go.

Was awake at 4, outta bed at 4:30, ready to roll at 5:30, got almost to the workout and realized I forgot my back brace.  I would be a lousy Q if I couldn’t move so I turned back.  Messaged Roadie and Rudolph that I was running behind and to start the warm up, I’d pull in late.  Arrived just at the end of the warm up to see a very large crowd, 24 + myself.  Guess Roadie’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.   Did another disclaimer, said “anyone wanting to boot camp, follow me” and started to mosey to the flag pole.  Arrived at the flag pole and turned around to see only 5 followed me!  “How do we play ultimate Frisbee with only (counting on my fingers, 1 2 3 4 5 6) 3 on 3!?”  We made it work.  Said the pledge, moseyed to Gardner park.

Found a hill, did Dora 1-2-3 (still counting) and did 100 dips on picnic tables, 200 merkins (that hurt) and 300 squats.  Moseyed to the track and out to the soccer field.  Set up some cones for some form some sort of keep-away, monkey in the middle game I made up in my mind standing on the aisle in Dicks looking at plastic curvy balls for teaching kids how to hit a curve ball.  2 pax on the outside, one man in the middle.  2 on the outside throw the ball back and forth.  If it hits the ground the dropper does a burpee.  If the guy in the middle catches it, both do a burpee and the monkey in the middle switches with the guy who threw it.  Kinda fun for about 15 minutes but lost it’s excitement pretty fast.

Alligator walk Indian run: Meander to the track, alligator walk in a line (peter parker/ bear crawl “left, right, merkin” and repeat). Guy in the back runs to the front.  did this for 2 runs.

Returned to the field for ultimate Frisbee.  If the Frisbee hit the ground or changed possessions, do a burpee.

Mosey back to start, some Mary, named an FNG Daisy.

Strong work by Hipaa for running the Disney Half. You’re half the man you used to be (physically) but twice the man in spirit.  DFQ.  Strong work to Cheese head for beating down the sad clown.  DFQ.  Support Tool Time on the Chimbote mission trip.  Collected $100 by passing the hat.  Hope more AO’s will do the same in the coming weeks.

YHC will be having back surgery in Feb and I’m not sure what the future holds.  But I plan to kick complacency’s butt.  No matter what happens I will live with purpose.  Honored to lead, embarrassed to arrive late.

Hushpuppy out.

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