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  • When: 01/13/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Mayor
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Montross, Sister Act, Pizza Man, Def Leppard, Dr. Seuss, Blart, Broke, Buckeye, Roadie, Rockabilly, Bed Pan, Sparky, Mayor (QIC)

During the 2nd F and Q-Source last week, Roadie let me take the Q next week and Montross kindly stepped aside as the next open slot, I would be out of town. I also took on the F.2 Language of the Q source.

I showed up at 0600 in time to plant the flag before the ruck crew took off. It was a good thing I was running today, because the pace was to be pushed as Roadie, Bedpan, Dr Seuss, Brock and Buckeye decided to Ruck. Two groups emerged and one group was at a 15 minute pace and the other was at 13:45. Super fast and Excellent work by those men. There were some comedic offerings by Bedpan when he looked at Roadie and asked him to “turn him on from the back.” He also mentioned that he spoke with Def about his blow up. Now, not knowing any context this is hilarious and it was funny knowing the context, however, it was in reference to his marking light on his rucksack and the pouch couch he plans on using for the P200. Def has some stories from the Tuna and Bourbon.

Sister Act and Blart waited as long as they could for Def before they struck out on their own, but those who were with him on the Bourbon, know how long he takes to change or get ready. It was declared that Sister Act may be the nicest person in F3 Gastonia and when YHC asked about different kinds of coffee to order instead of the usual black, Def kept referencing his wife’s and daughters choices to me, which made me feel hollow inside and less manly so I got the usual black coffee.

On to the Q-source. It was on Language and it meant something that it is the 2nd part of the foundation for all of the Q points. Read up on them; it is worth it. Thank you men for the input and Def for picking me up on the Bible verse today.

We give each other a hard time out there, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because the 2nd F and 3rd F is superior to all others (statement made – prove it wrong by stepping out and seeing what others have). Thank you again men…It was an honor and a pleasure. Until next time, and, as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony said, Ill see you at the Crossroads.