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Day: September 24, 2023

Diablo Sammich 9/21

Castle Rock brought an FNG to Diablo Sammich, so I had to make sure we recited the 5 Core Principles and Mission of F3.  First was the usual disclaimer and a “long way” ruck to the parking lot at Martha Rivers (through the neighborhood and connector path, which was darker than Tequila Sunrise on a cloudy morning).  Then we paused for a quick round of Mary and those important bits of insight into who and what F3 really is.  Then we rucked around the softball fields and back to Pelican’s.  Great to see Castle Rock and glad to meet Red Rocks this morning!

Prayers for Turtleman and Bandit’s brother-in-law

Privileged to lead!

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Crossroads 9/24/23

We had runners, ruckers and riders at Crossroads, but one thing we didn’t have was a Canoe. Most stayed after for a discussion on failures and how to overcome them, learn from them and use them as motivation.

Announcements – still need a Tuna runner, ruck event on 10/20


Be praying for Blart’s daughter, Gold Digger’s family, Gumby’s mom, Wirenut’s mom, Huck, Turtleman, Jackson Hall and Ann Ramsey.

Dr. Seuss took us out.
I’m Broke

Membership requires Candor

Two Ruckers and 4 Runners posted at Members only this morning. 5 HIM stuck around for Q Source and there was much loud talking (Harris Teeter decided to run the floor cleaner during our session). Regardless we talked about Candor and the importance of giving and receiving hard truths.

I liked the quote in the QSource Dredd received from a manager “Nothing should surprise me unless you are surprised as well”.

Everything has been solved

Beautiful morning for running and rucking.

4 ruckers and 3 runners this morning at the Coconut Horse.

Roscoe and I solved half the world’s problems during our run and as we passed the ruckers up Robinwood Rd, we heard their discussion and they were solving the other half.  You’re welcome.

All 7 stayed for a discussion on Trooping the Line from The Wisdom of the Bullfrog.  We must know those we are leading and understand what they deal with on a daily basis.  Only then can we help provide solutions to issues and remove the obstacles to success.

Until the next one .  Aye.


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