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Day: September 11, 2023

Buttermilk on a Saturday!

So, YHC stole the Q from Gavel! Fun stuff to be had for sure. Here’s how it went on a warm, humid, morning, first in September.


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Gravel pickers X 20

Tesla stretches

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Time for some Super-Duper Pipes!

Up on the street, 5 monkey humpers.

Run up to the pavilion, 25 step ups.

Run most of a lap on the track, run up the hill to the school and back down.

Run via the path back to the street.

Rinse and repeat.

Up on the Field of Dreams for Some partner BLIMPS.



Imperial walkers


Plank Jacks


P1 runs the field and does 5 of the exercises.

P2 does the work.


Up to the parking lot for some lot work.

1st set – burpee broad jumps length of lot,

2nd set – “frog hops” the length of the lot.

Back down to the Field of Dreams for the 4th quarter.

Bear Crawl Slalom! Off we go and it is what it always is!

SSH X 20

Halfway – Burpee Circle of Death! Then 5 chop-chops.

Hold a 3 minute plank and we’re done.


Welp, we got a lot done here this morning! Lot of variety, lot of work, lot of sweat and a lot of chatter! Great day at The Fighting Yank!

We’ll do it again soon. Drink up!

Forgotten Q (6/25/2023)

We biked and ran but I can’t find my notes from the leadership principles I spoke on at Q-source that day.  Sorry.

Announcements:  All are past since this is late!

Prayer Requests:  Various youth groups travelling and-or returning on missions / Huckleberry / Ratchet’s son / Norwood / Gumby’s family /

That’s Girls workout music!

Started with the disclaimer and the usual warm up exercises. Then we got right into the workout. The music wasn’t ideal so I had to adjust a couple of times.

Suicide Ladder

5 reps of each exercise. Sprint to the start and back for each exercise. Once this is complete, add 5 reps to each rung (set).


Big Boys

Calf Raises

Climbing Coupon Merkins (coupon)

Dips (coupon)

Heels to Heaven

Imperial Squat Walkers

Overhead Press (coupon)

Star Jacks

Upright Row (coupon)


2nd F Lunch G2 Pita Wheel 9/20

Oct 21 Ruck event half marathon

Come support Rocky Branch trail run event



Turtle Man

Anchor Man’s father-in-law

Prayers for Amir, the little boy hit by a car Friday (Hot Corner)

Ivy in car wreck (Red Ribbon)


9/11 memorial@The Sandlot


All activities signifying aspects of 9/11 and 343 firefighters lost at the incident


11 squats

Mosey to the castle

3 pull-ups

4 merkins with a mosey lap around playground

Repeated 3 x

Mosey to lot

Run to each island performing 10 merkins

Completed at 11 islands to signify 110 stories of Trade tower 1

Repeated for return completing 10 Mountain climbers at each island to signify 110 stories of Trade tower 2

4 square consisting of:


9 LBC, 11 flutters

9 LBC, 11 flutters, 9 superman pull-ups

9 LBC, 11 Flutters, 9 superman pull-ups, 11 Nolan Ryan’s

Repeat cycle

Mosey back to pelicans with exercise at each lamppost pole of alternating 3 burpees then 4 squats.


2F lunch the 20th Pita Wheel Gastonia

Iron pax week 2 at the ricky boby


family members

Quinn family



Watts ups nieces son

All those directly and indirectly effected by 9/11


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