When I arrived at 0520, Roscoe already had blocks set up in the side parking lot between the school and track. We agreed that the blocks and exercises should be in one location. To account for the 0.2-mile track, I suggested running an extra lap at the start of the workout.  At 0525, Kool-Aid arrived. Seeing the blocks laid out, he realized that today was not the day to forget gloves and immediately went back “across the street” to get them.  In the meantime, Defib, Tiger and Tesla showed up as time approached 0530.  We explained the rules (pre-lap, then 5 rounds…).  As the clock struck 0530, Roscoe and I decided that his phone will be the official timer for the event and Kool-Aid was screeching back into the parking lot on 2 wheels.  Thinking on his feet like a true leader, Roscoe calls for the pledge to give Kool-Aid time to get to the starting point, then we all start together.  Well done!

Tiger had his heart set on AC/DC to accompany the grueling block work.  Unfortunately, there was a Q-fail and no music.  Instead, we enjoyed the oscillating hum of industrial-strength “AC” harmonized with random grunts and block noises rather than “DC.”

The workout itself sucked just like it appears on paper.  Beast that he is, Defib led the way (35 minutes, Aye!) and then did extra Blockies to help push me through the final round.  Tesla finished strong at exactly one hour.

All in all, it was a great start to the day.  Thanks to the 5 HIM’s who joined me for this voluntary torture!

– Nutria