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Day: September 15, 2023

Rucking Around

It was a beautiful morning at the original site of the Sammich.  The crew was strong as we the clock struck 0530.

We crossed the street to the bank for the pledge and to pick up Hunchback and Skrat.

Crossed back over the same street and headed for the park and, around the clubhouse, and to Clavin’s hill.  Up forward and back down.  Then up again backward.  I believe nurring uphill is an Abe Bogota.  Anyway, we did that twice.

Continuing our ruck down the parking lot and around the playground and back up to the entrance for the clubhouse.  We did squats while Skrat did a squat of her own…code brown.

On to the clubhouse where we did 60 calf raises.  20 parallel, 20 toes out, 20 toes in.

Up to the parking lot for Mary.  Each Pax called an ab exercise of 20 count.  As fallows:


American Hammers

Dying Cockroaches

Oblique Crunches


Crunchy Frogs

Ruck back down to the clubhouse for the same calf routine

Return to flag via the Dr office on Riverwood Pkwy


Prayers for Bandits Brother in Law

Les Newsman’s M


Tube’s M


It was an honor and pleasure






Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!

It was a slightly damp and not oppressively hot day at the afternoon AO. The usuals were hanging out in the shade breathing in the aroma of flushed turds beside the shack. Everyone wondered if we’d do the deck of death again since that’s what YHC brought to the storm earlier in the gloom. For shame, there was so much more in store for these dudes! This is what happened…

It was still Dr Seuss’ birthday so we started with a dramatic rendition of Happy Birthday. He loved it!

Pledge of Allegiance

Count off to get the numbers. We had an even number until Radar showed up late and now there were 11. Mosey over to the old M mobile for our supplies: JBL Flip 4, some cones and a rubber playground ball! It’s time for some Kickball!!!

Mosey to the small soccer field closest to the start. Count off by 1s and 2s to make teams. Of course, YHC was all time pitcher because we needed perfect pitches every time. I forget who was on the teams, but the rules were that upon each out the batting team had to do the called exercise for that inning and for each run scored the defensive team had to do the exercise. We also ran a lap at each batting change which helped kept the heartrate up. The exercises were:

  • 1st inning – 5 burpees
  • 2nd inning – 10 merkins
  • 3rd inning – 15 bigboys

It was a back-and-forth struggle with some surprising efforts by various PAX. With it being such a close affair and time drawing to a close, YHC reminded everyone of the finishing scenario:

Sudden death! Whichever team scored the first run or made the first out, they won the game. The tension was high for the first batter Broke. He wasted no time in putting his pointy toe on the first pitch which dropped deep in the outfield, so deep that he had time to get on his horse and score a walk-off, in the park homer. Mic drop, game over! Nobody could’ve imagined things would end this way but that’s why you show up, play hard the whole game and hope for the best in the end. To quote Al Michaels from the 1980 US Olympic hockey victory over the Soviets, “Do you believe in miracles, yes!”

We moseyed back home for a couple of finishing exercises before time was called. Thanks for showing up men. AYE!

Announcements: Tuna relay needs 2 runners, 2nd F lunch next Wednesday at Pita Wheel Gastonia, JJ 5k, October ruck

Prayer requests: Jackson Hall, Norwood, Turtleman, Huck

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