• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/08/2022
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Oompa Loompa (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stogie, Slaw, Rum Runner (R), Camellia (R), Pallbearer, Spackle, Bedpan, Rat Rod, Gear Wrench

Nice warm, foggy morning in D-town’s premier boot camp location for a Thursday in December.
Decent crowd with double digits for an Oompa Q.
Brief disclaimer.

Warmup – YHC patent applied for:
10 SSH ic
20 Abe Vigoda ic
30 Flutters ic
40 MNC ic
50 LBC ic

Actually pledged after the warmup. No near Q fail today.

The thang – sucked like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Mosey to lower side of parking lot. Line up on parking lot lines.

One set of exercises at top, then run across parking lot. Start with 10 toy soldiers, then 50 Mountain Climbers, run back to starting point. Plank for six. Rinse and repeat.

10 Toy Soldiers 50 Mountain Climbers
20 HR Merkins 40 LBC
30 Squats 30 Shoulder Taps
40 Hammers 20 Flutters
50 Monkey Humpers 10 Makhtar N’diaye
10 Hip Slappers 50 Freddie Mercurys
20 Hillbillies 40 Mike Tysons
30 CDD 30 Imperial Walkers
40 Lunges 20 Cockroaches
50 Rosalitas 10 Burpees

Omaha-ed the Mike Tysons to 20. Added 20 to the Hillbillies.

Cool Down –
50 LBC ic
40 MNC ic
30 Flutters ic
20 Abe Vigoda ic
10 SSH ic

Suicides 10 back and forth to eat up remaining time.

Slaw graced us with 20 Big boys to cause F-A-R
Bedpan 20 Marge & Homers

Prayer requests
The usual Huck, Turtleman, Sister Act, Gumby mom, etc
Whoopie with the Covid
Service members coming home for the holidays after deployments. They frequently have a hard time fitting in with the civilian world, and integrating back into friends and family.

Turtleman Christmas light hanging party tonight at 1700
Possible New Year’s Day something or other

YHC took us out.