• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/10/2021
  • AO: Diablo Sammich
  • QIC: Clavin(R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Castle Rock, El Toro, Hermey (RR), Dry Rub (R), Les Nessman

Once more I receive a request for Q from Sledge this time with a 10 ticket offer to the Honey Badgers club seating along with VIP parking pass and dinner at Webb Custom Kitchen and overnight stay at the Motor Inn Lodge (any who believe anything beyond first line contact me for special one time offer for beach front property in Gastonia!!)
Disclaimer … not really

Low slow squats about 10
Low slow squat
Lunge forward slow
Lunge right slow
Lunge back slow
lunge left slow

Now repeat only lunges

Gather for coupons as rest of todays work crew hits the time clock a few minutes late ( where’s the foreman?)

20 curls then 20 overhead press followed by 10 each
Ask about timing to Waffle House . Told you have to get after it to make it … I’ve got a plan for that!
Ask next question ….a or b ? El Toro with the rapid response of A ( I think he also said “ Obviously !”) others agree
A would be the smaller coupon …. B was for “ball” …. As in slamball 20 lbs …. Wise group as smaller coupon approx 12 lbs and easier to grip…. One to hold and transport until we stop and perform short routine of 10 squats and 10 merkins and give off to another … whenever carrying transport however you wish and exempt from activities other than mosey if a change up is needed ( none Were) we would modify. However, should you place coupon down … all would suffer a 5 burpee penalty! None used!

made it down and back, set timer for 30 seconds of merkins and finished up strong!!

Whoopee was not her much to my chagrin as I added weights to my vest that he said last time was empty ( had about 24 pounds then …. Now was 30 )

of note: Hermey has his hands insured by Lloyd’s of London for $12,000 a digit so we made sure he was wearing gloves and Les Nessman spoke of a curious bacon smell that may have been an aftershave!

also, I got home only to realize that in all the time as Site Q of Labyrinth I’ve never failed in collecting the flag ………. Until today.

well, I know what I’ll be doing later ……. 50 penalty burpees  ….. ouch