• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 06/05/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watts Up (R) Whoopee (R) Voodoo, Short Sale (R)

We had five this morning and here is what we did.
coupons used:  5 rucksacks, dumbbells (35 and 40) one kettlebell, one piece of granite, one 40# sandbag. One well travelled wheelbarrow, one speaker

Warmup:  throw coupons over fence and then jump the fence to Grier track and run one lap

Next with rucks on, 5 sets of the following:  Ten squats, ten merkins, ten Ground to overhead press with ruck  off (use as coupon)

Next police up gear and roll to the start line on the track and partner up


P1 and P2 work together one pax wears ruck w/sandbag on shoulders and farmer carries 35# dumbbells a lap around track. Switch as needed.

P3 and P4 put everything else in the wheelbarrow and do a lap together, switching as needed.

P5 bearcrawls ten yards and does flutters w/bag up and then lungewalks back to start and does American hammers.

repeat until everyone has completed the laps four times and the solo work once. The last lap was all together with the wheelbarrow loaded with everything to include rucksacks but we had to modify since the wheelbarrow was going to fail. you could hear it groan and the wood was about to splinter.  You ever see a large woman whose buttons on her pants are about to pop after a meal at the fish camp?  (Reminds me of the time we were doing defensive tactics training and one of my friends broke his pinky after rolling around with another larger guy with a pretty big gut. “What happened to your finger?”  A:  “it got stuck in Lee’s belly button”. (You had to be there)).

Remove and carry coupons as needed to get the weight balanced and complete the lap, jump the fence, and put all the coupons up. Working time was approximately 45 minutes.

Glad Whoopee asked me to lead and glad we had more PAX participate. If you get Short Sale fired up on any topic he will carry 140 pounds for an entire lap and not notice that he is doing all the work.

Watts up is a beast but his shoulders don’t seem to accept a sandbag.  We may need to figure out if the problem is the bag or the technique?

Voodoo showed up early ready to go and definitely “N’ed Up” this am.

Whoopee is a consistent rock pusher and doesn’t complain about anything. His aim is to get the Gashouse back as the premier Saturday workout and grow it so make sure you get into the habit of EH’ing everywhere you go.

We had a few minutes to hydrate and change shirts before EZ rider took it to us for the normal 0700 beat down.  We have heard it many times when we do hard things together due to  FOMO that we “need better friends”.   I don’t think so. I think I need more guys like you.