• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/07/2021
  • AO: The Ricky Bobby
  • QIC: Tesla
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Two Ferns (lW), Nemo (LW), Cha Ching (LW), Wolverine (LW), Big Pappy, Broke, Buckshot, Virus, Buckeye, Gavel, Sweetheart, Fountainhead, Ball Joint, Bubba Sparks, Clampett, Cal Dalton, Tater hole, Hacksaw, Stogie, CPap Sarlac, Tesla

As most know YHC tends to split time between Gastonia and Lake Wylie workouts dut to advantageous proximity to both  regions.  The Wylie crowd is generally a bit younger and they do like ot run. I am not problematic with that at all! In fact it keeps the old bones in motion. Love the Core guys in metro but got to get with it with these guys too! Gastonia has matured the past couple of years, great mix of old and young and we have bene running a lot. Probably too much but we are learning to moderate that for pax not  into running. Which is something we need to consider. That said, today was all about the buttermilk as YHC rolled in early to place a few markers on the field the clown car from the south bearing Wylie pax rolled in! And not far behind them the bearded warriors of Folsom took the field with them. Ragnar Lothbrock would have been proud at such a group as the pax swelled to 22. Not bad for a spring break morning!

So as we took the field on a perfect day the festivities began as follows:

SS burpees X 5

IWs X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20


NOlan Ryan X 15 each side

Mountain Climbers X 20

Mosey over to the half pipe for some muffled repeats and some voice discipline. This was a veteran group so I knew it would work.

Half pipes:

Top: Plank Jacks X 5

Bottom: burpees X 5

Other side Top: Monkey humpers X 5

2 sets and back to the field. Pax worked well!

Line up on the end line:

1st 25: Broad jump to the line, 5 up-downs on Q.

2nd 25: Burpee Broad Jump, 5 u-ds, 10 HR merkins

3rd 25: Karoake, 5 u-ds, 10 HR merkins, 15 Big boys

4th 25: Lunge walk, 5 u-d, 10 HR merkins, 15 Big boys. 20 CDDs

Mosey to midfield:

10 SSH, 10 Jump Squats.

End line, count off by 3s for……….Bear Crawl Slalom!

Everybody got 3 rolls here. Most def a challenge.

Back to the endline, and over to the benches.

10 dirkins

10 step ups each leg

10 dips

Run across the field and back. Rinse and repeat.

Go to the center of the field and do a pledge. Work done!


This was nothing short of an awesome group to be with today much less lead. The Wylie brothers are great guys and I really look forward to them teaming with us on all sorts of things including but not limited to CSAUPs, convergences, service projects and down the road probably some shared AOs. The opportunities abound! And working together to make it happen.

Again, can’t say enough for the Folsom boys making the effort to show and give our Wylie brothers a real feel for what we’re about here. I plan ot get up there and Q one Saturday after Turkey season. AND same for getting down to a Saturday in Wylie too! I have never done that. My bad!

Total honor to lead this bunch of high impact men. Inspires me that they showed up! Boys pushed the rock today. For real.

Let’s return the favor down there men. Soon!