• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/05/2021
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Defib
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Clavin (R), Dirt (R), Folgers (R), Watts Up (R), Short sale, Flintstone

It was an awesome morning to exercise – what is this thing they call gloom – 46 degrees, clear skies, dry air – what more could you want?  Oh yeah then there was the Q … well I guess you can’t have everything.   7 HIM were up for a Defib challenge this morning.  3 Pax had already put in EC run so I guess that means they knew what they were in for.  Dirt, Watts Up and Flintstone have been real rock pushers lately as a I drove to the AO a few min early to do some recon I passed these guys getting after it over a mile from the AO.  As time approached 3 more men arrived and it was on.

Warm UP :

Obligatory SSH x20

LBCs x 20

Merkins x 20


The thang:

Mosey down towards Riverwood neighborhood stopping at each light pole for the best exercise ever.  At this point YHC proclaimed his love for the the burpee which exercises the upper body, abs and lower body, however,  I felt there was room for improvement – so after reviewing the exicon the night before I found the perfect modification to the burpee – the hand release burpee (HRB) – that is a burpee with a hand release merkin in the middle.  Starting with the first light we did 1 HRB.  The second light 2 HRB continuing all the way to the back entrance of Marthas which amounted to 10 light poles so ending with 10 HRB.   This was surely a crowd pleaser as the men were speechless.  From this point we moseyed to the turd shack for some shoulder work – 3 sets of Hip slappers, wall sits and dirty hook-ups (10 each).  Quick count off then to parking lot for 11s with CCDs and dying cockroaches – We started with lounges between exercises but the Q’s knee didn’t like that so we completed the 11’s with regular mosey between exercises.

YHC did not realize how time flies when the pax are having such a great time.  Unfortunately we did not get to go to the picnic tables for more fun so it was time to mosey back to Sno balls but on the way back we did find time for more HRB at each light pole this time counting down from 5.  Once back we had time for 3 minutes for Mary. – Flutters, Dying Cockroaches Hillbillies and Dirty Dogs. – Time



Short Sale’s April challenge – “You name it you claim it”  –  this week is Merkins –

April 17 Convergence at the Bulldog – all other AOs closed

April 24 PT test at Gashouse – other AOs will be open

Be on the lookout for a pre-blast from Bos to have a CSAUP in May


Watts Up’s wife – recovery from surgery (Whats Up is carrying the load)

Those traveling for holidays

Flintstone’s sister dealing with long term COVID symptoms

Turtleman and family

Folger’s friend needs liver/kidney transplant


Thanks to all the men who showed up this morning to encourage each other to be better versions of themselves! It was a please being your host this morning.

Until next time Defib out