• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/03/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Pilgrim's Progress
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: CPAP (R), Tesla (R), BOS (R), Orange Man (R), Slim Shady, Freon, Tiger, Dirt (R), Gavel, Clampett, Pockets, Brutus (R), Buckshot, Doodles
15 Showed for my Virgin Q at the Fighting Yank.
The Yank was my first post back in May of 2020 and it was fitting that I had my first Q there.
The theme of the workout was teamwork. Although the theme was never stated the men had to work together to get the 3 bags around the track 10 times (team 1 had 7 and team 2 had 8 men). The first few laps were a bit slow and tedious. Once the preferred methods for carrying were discovered and bags were exchanged efficiently the lap times improved.
Started off with the Pledge then a short disclaimer and we were off to the pavilion.
15 PAX attended and no FNG’s were harmed in this experiment (none present).
3 sandbags were used, approximate weights were 60#, 65#, and 87# respectively.
Warm up: (10 min)
⁃Mosey to pavilion:
⁃25 Side straddle Hops in cadence
⁃20 Grass Pickers in Cadence (oops… stopped early on these and restarted to get 20)
⁃15 Shoulder Presses
⁃10 Merkins in cadence
Mosey to track:
DORA: (45 min)
Team 1 takes sandbags around track while team 2 does the following (once a lap is completed then they switch):
⁃Bobby Hurlies
⁃Wide merkins
⁃Flutter kicks
⁃Plank/Downward Dog
7:52 Mosey to Fountain:
⁃Mary – Buckshot, Brutus, Tesla, Slim Shady each called out an exercise while they lapped the fountain.
⁃Mosey to the Yank Statue to finish on time.
⁃YL Golf Tourney May 10
⁃Donations- wipes and tissues
⁃Park cleanup (Clampett will post on Slack)
⁃Amoeba Ruck May 22nd
⁃1st F Challenge (Merkins)
⁃Prayer requests:
⁃Pax looking for work
⁃Pax on IR
⁃Praise from Pockets for the men of F3