• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/16/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Linus
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ, Hushpuppy, Udders, Dry Rub, Watts Up

Arrived early and saw Hushpuppy coming across the finish line and already had in a mile.  We got in another 1/2 mile pre-post so I could get warmed up.  I was hoping I would be prepped enough to lead the Pax of HIM’s for a not so much beatdown but just a great workout.  Mumblechatter abound, Watts Up quickly reminded me it was 07:00.


No warm up, who needs them.  Turns out I do, but such is.

Mosey to FPC church down back of parking lot.  Watch for the hidden ice spots.  Intent was to run some and exercise some.

The Thang:

No name:

25 Merkins/25 more Merkins – Up Pad steps, offer water to anyone thirsty from leftover trash in parking lot, back down hill watching for ice to where we started.

25 Crab Crunch (or something like that) / 25 more Crab Crunch / Up steps at The Pad, 25 more CC and hold in crab plank position for a hot minute.  Down hill and around to start.

50 squats / up steps to The Pad and 25 more.  Linus had a close bout with passing out.  I made it though, primarily cause I found out the Pax would drag me home instead of carry me.  I think they would actually finish the workout as well so I had motivation to stay puke and pass out free.  Down hill back to start.

50 calf raises (JJ gave up counting so he could mumblechat) / 25 merkins / 25 of those crab crunchie things / 25 squats.  Up steps, down steps…….back to start, done.

Modified 11’s:

Merkins / Dips, keep going in same circle.

Partner runs and holds:

Partner 1 runs a certain distance (I think it was a couple of miles) while partner 2 holds the following:

Plank / Al Gore / Crab Plank / 6″

Triple Nickel:

5 Flying Squirrels at each designated spot, keep running in circle pattern.  I called out modify to Pax as this was too much for me to handle.  Shout out to the Pax for keeping the same initial request.

Dora 1:

We have about 5 minutes.  Partner up, run a distance (about 3 miles), each Pax does 25 merkins.  Watts Up was actually looking for more.

Mosey home.  All questions answered, no referral to the FAQ section needed.


Belmont AO starting on Fridays (Belmont Central)

Mortimer/P200 coming up

Golddigger / 2.0 / M – New arrival


Sledge-o-Matic:  Sister in law with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy

Tube:  Brother-in-Law

Honored to lead…..Linus