• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/14/2021
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Medicine Woman
  • FNG's: Shrimp Sauce
  • PAX: Mayor, Westside, Flubber, Wichita, Sarlacc, WireNut, Balljoint, Stogie, Volt, LB, Achey Breaky, Medicine Woman(QIC)

It was a great morning for an old school style Folsom workout. The Weinke was prepared and ready to unveil. YHC may have needed to bring it in writing. One thing about my medicine tapers, my mind gets foggy and I have a hard time thinking clearly and getting words out. Nature of the beast, nonetheless, it made for some friendly mumble chatter.

I see an FNG!



SSH, gravel pickers, toy soldiers all x10 IC
Mosey to the tennis courts.


Four corners. Each corner has its Assigned exercise and count. This time, you will mosey to corner 1, perform exercise and return to start for 1 burpee. Mosey to corner 2, but stopping also to perform the exercise at corner 1. And so on. Every time you go through a station you perform that exercise.
Station 1, 10 merkins
Station 2, 20 big boys
Station 3, 30 squats
Station 4, 40 lbcs
Some grab a breather and some pick up the 6. Grab a partner and Line up for some Dora. 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 lbcs. The Runner takes a trip the the end of the courts and back.
One final lap and mosey to the flag.
22 for the Vets.


YHC took us out in prayer.

One way to be motivated to post is to volunteer or be voluntold to Q. I can’t remember if and when I was ever voluntold, but to avoid that possibility, you volunteer. Encouragement from your fellow PAX to just get out there one way or the other has been my driving motivation. 2020 sucked. It was hard enough to be fighting to free myself from a medication that has controlled my life for so long, but to add income loss, homeschooling, and other crap I don’t want to bore you with. Anyway, what I’m getting at, is that I need this group of men. My M even notices a difference when I’m posting regularly. I’m sure many of you share the same sentiment. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a great organization.

MDub out!