• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/01/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Pockets
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: EZ Rider, Pilgrim Progress, Folger, Water boy

With nothing planned I showed up hoping I can pull off a good Q. 5 of us showed up on a wet New Year Day / my birthday.

With a small warm-up we moseyed down to the QT. Completing monkey humpers, CDD and a couple other exercises in cadence.

We continued passed Tony’s ice cream down to the towing company. I explain how I knew the guy in the building behind The towing company. With that we gave him some monkey humpers as well.

We continued up the street toward the funeral home. With two cars sitting at the stop light we decided to give them some monkey Humpers to look at. I explain to the guys how I had once went to that funeral home for a mother of a good friend of mine.

We continued over to South Street where we stopped and sprinted up the hill to the stop sign.

We then completed a couple of Route 66s.  Around the corner we did some wall sitting for one minute and then mosey back to the start.


During the route 66s is where the Merlot came in, we had a very good splashing going on this a.m. Folger has been three for  three on  workouts and now is three for three on his Merlot. He has not missed a workout without a Merlot. Folger is a great guy. and takes his lumps well. Let’s continue to encourage him as he strives to get better physically. 


Pockets out!!