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  • When: 01/01/2021
  • QIC: Freight
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1/1/21 we celebrated the 10th year of our men’s group.  I say our men’s group and not our workout group because it is so much more than that. It is a men’s group for all the things we need it to be. Fitness, leadership, friendship, support group, and anything you need it to be at the moment when you need it to be. That is why we celebrate because we had something missing in our lives and this has been able to fill it. I’m very thankful for the 21 men that chose to celebrate with me on this day by logging 10 miles in one form or another. Some ran 10, some rucked 10, and some ran and rucked. I’m also thankful for all of those that answered the call to serve by donating blankets and soap. These items are being donated to the Salvation Army to fill an immediate need they have. This kicks off my word for 2021-Serve. I’ve started a list of ways I plan to live out this word this year and one of those items is to collect and give at least once a month. All to often we donate during the holidays and then forget about it the rest of the year. My goal is to meet needs all during the year and of course I’ll be dragging you men into it with me. Great job everyone on the 10 miles and maybe next year we will do 11!