• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/26/2020
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: BOS
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gavel, Nutria, Shell Shock, Dirt (R), Brutus (R), Tiger, Bubba Sparks, Pockets, Tesla (R), Breaker Breaker (R), Snooki, Pilgrim's Progress, OrangeMan (R)

December 26th + 19 degrees + 14 HIM = a good time had by all. Driving into Belmont I was looking through the hole in my windshield the defroster had cleared for me. Knowing Tiger and Breaker were out for an early ruck, and Dirt was probably continuing his running streak I kept my eyes open for these early birds on the road.
The Pax began to grow as we reached 0700 so we were off after a quick disclaimer YHC mentioned it was time to return some gifts. It went something like this…

Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
Frozen Grass Pickers x 20 IC

Mosey up Main Street, Right turn at Nellies, Right turn at Jekyll & Hyde to the parking lot across the street from the barber shop.
The Gift Return:
With 10 “Gifts” listed on the board the first gift was revealed, completed and then followed by a run around the block. Each trip around the block was 1/4 mile. First one back reveals the next exercise.
Gift #1 = 100 LBC
Gift #2 = 90 Squats
Gift #3 = 80 Dips
Gift #4 = 70 Lunges (single count) YHC did not specify!
Gift #5 = 60 Merkins
Gift #6 = 50 Monkey Humpers
Gift #7 = 40 Shoulder Taps (each shoulder) YHC did specify!
Gift #8 = 30 Step Ups (each leg) YHC did specify!
Gift #9 = 20 Burpees
Gift #10 = Three options were given by YHC and only one was expected, but of course these guys being the rock pushers they are, did all three.
V-Ups x 10
Goof Balls x 10
American Hammers x 10
The speedsters who finished first didn’t want to get cold so they chose to make up the Lunges they avoided earlier. (see Gift #4)
With a fellowship mosey back to the Fighting Yank it was all the time we had.

1/1/21 – F3 10 Year Convergence – (Metro) AG Middle school
1/1/21 – Ruck/ Run 10 Miler. Staggered start to finish by 0800. @Coconut Horse
1/9/21 – F3 Gastonia Convergence – @Folsom

Tiger – Continued healing for his hand.
OrangeMans Family – Daughter recovering from surgery.
Flintstone – Covid Quarantine

YHC was impressed but not surprised at the number of PAX that came out this morning. If anything like me they overate Christmas day and needed to burn some of it off. We warmed up quick and stayed warm throughout the entire time. If you stayed home because of the temp this morning you missed a good time.

Good Stuff!