• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/19/2020
  • AO: 2nd F Event
  • QIC: BOS, Breaker Breaker, Tiger
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Flintstone, Doodles, Gavel, Pockets, Dry Rub, Watts Up, Sargento, Freight, Def Leppard, Broke, Blart, Sarlacc, Big Pappy, Roscoe, Stroganoff, Whoopee

You guys are awesome!
Unless you have been hibernating this month you know our Saturday AOs held a food ruck yesterday to gather donations for BCO and SOCKS. Tiger lead Folsom, Breaker Breaker lead Gashouse and BOS lead The Fighting Yank; with nineteen ruckers total. YHC can’t believe how much food we rucked, collected and we now have staged for delivery to BCO and SOCKS. It shouldn’t be surprising since stepping up is just something the Men of F3 do.

These rucks stepped off at 0530 with shopping routes ranging from 4 miles at Yank, to 5 miles at Folsom, and 7 miles at Gashouse. Great work men! All three Fs were going strong on this chilly morning.

At The Yank we missed a true EH opportunity on a young man who obviously needs the support of the F3 brotherhood.
As we descended upon Harris Teeter we were 5 minutes early so we circled the building to wait for the doors to open. As we came around the front of the building carrying the Fighting Yank shovel flag a small sedan came flying into the parking lot jamming to some techno/ rock/ something. Aggressive music for 0555 in the gloom. We shrug it off and figure the Starbucks barista was coming in hot, late for work.
We gathered at the front of the building, planted our flag and began to discuss our plan of shopping attack. Then to our surprise this same car revved his engine, squealed out of his parking spot and skidded to a stop right in from of us. The driver, with window rolled down yells “Thanks for bringing the cops you friggin dorks!” Revs his engine and squeals across the parking lot, power slides and aims back towards us to power slide and squeal again around the corner towards the exit and down to road. What was that? With some concerned laughter and a missed opportunity to EH this young man we were back to business. Rucks were loaded and expedited back to the Yank for Flintstone’s Birthday beatdown!
Thank you all for your food and cash donations, and your dedication to the F3 mission.
I’m sure there are stories from the other AOs too. Show to know! Come join us next time!
Happy Holidays!