• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/10/2020
  • AO: The Pub
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sargento, Defib, Breaker Breaker, Stroganoff, Oompa Loompa, JJ, Dr. Seuss

YHC had the Q this morning at the Pub but was a little concerned that other life duties would get in the way so I had my son, Sargento, on standby just in case I couldn’t make it.

YHC ended up getting there early and ready to go and so did Sargento, and Sargento actually had printed Weinke’s for everyone in case he was the Q.  He was going to make the PAX take the “mud route” but YHC took the Q back from whatever insurrection was taking place.  (Thanks for covering for me big Cheese!)

The route was Gaston Day School Road inbound, left on Armstrong, left on New Hope, Right on Lee, Left on E. Perry, right on Armstrong Park/Gaston Day School Road and back to start.

Defib and Dr. Seuss were out front.

Sargento and Stroganoff were fast today.

Breaker, JJ, Ooompa Loompa, and YHC all were OYO but we finished at 0615 just like we are supposed to and no one got lost, inured or seriously killed.

Announcements:  There will be a canned food Ruck this Saturday at all AO’s.  Bring some canned goods for those that need it!

Sargento is Q’ing a Salvation Army “ring the bell”.  Information is posted on SLACK so check it out.

The Gashouse has two confirmed Mortimer teams.  Training will commence in January with mandatory training runs with dog biscuits in your pockets.

Praises:  Stroganoff’s 2.2 is now an All-County Cross Country runner as her HS won the conference tourney and his 2.2 set a PR when it counted most!

Praise #2:   Breaker Breaker’s daughter in law Emily graduates from Appalachian State this weekend, joining the distinguished alumni from that majestic university.  Respect Yosef

Praise #3:  YHC’s M had surgery yesterday and she is doing well.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance and closed in Prayer.    YHC totally forgot to get the video nameorama but it isn’t required so get over it.

We are blessed to be American and live in a free country.  Never take that for granted.