• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/05/2020
  • AO: Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Slim Shady
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  • PAX: Dillinger, BOS, Dirt, Sargento, Skokie, Gavel, Breaker Breaker, Freon, Orange Man, Boudan, Dr. Seuss, Tiger, Pilgrims Progress

Might as well been my VQ as it’s been a long time but it was good to get out and lead 13 HIMs. Focus was on the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit. I attempted to create a triangle with burpees done in 3,2,1 form and all items other than stretching were in 3s.

Here’s the low down

Moseyed to the auditorium for the warmup as we were sardines packed ok the curb of downtown Belmont. We got in:

3 sets of SSH, plank jacks with 3,2,1 burpees after (3 after first set 2 at second, etc)

Moseyed again feeding around the track to the middle school wall for some quality wall time

3 sets of wall sits (45 sec), wall shoulder taps, and Jackasses (leg wall kicks, they were called several other names while progressing) 10-15-20 reps; after each set we ran a lap around the track. And then let the moseying begin for a good bit down to the tennis courts near David Park.

my true VQ did take us here and so Sargento intelligently and insightfully pointed this out. You can’t argue that Wolfpack grads are smart. My rant spoke of myself golden tennis years and how suicides were a big part of being competitive. So the AGASSIS went into full forge

part 1 – length if the 4 tennis courts, an exercise at each of the far end doubles line, we did

3 sets of merkins, American hammers, werkins, lunges (10-15-20 reps) 3,2,1 burpees at end of 3 sets

now, take it into sprint suicides ok one court

3 sets flutter kicks, CDDs, LBCs and mountain climbers. 10-25-20 reps again.  10 counts were sprinkled in to make sure no pass outs.

back hone tennis suicides complete. Agassi would be proud!

we made a pit stop on the way back and did some Shady stretching –

balls to the wall then take left foot to left hand on wall 10 secs, right foot to right hand 10 seconds rinse and repeat.

we made our way back to where it all began at the auditorium. Did some Mary with a de calling  out exercises and then ended with 10 burpees.

made our back right in time for the Yank Bell to ring. Boya!

Shared the underlining message of we are each one that lives with the father son and Holy Spirit with us  don’t take that for granted. Stand strong and be the light of Jesus in a broken jacked up world

Declared the pledge

and then announcements / prayers

21 blood drive registered
22 goal
43 ceiling

Canned good drive – 12/19

Orange man – surgery for daughter
Tiger family members
SA surgery
Lynn hamm – breaker breaker
Young life – off on a trip

It may have been rough but each of you are tough, remember 3,2,1, God’s son and GO GET IT DONE!


slim shady out ✌🏼