• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/02/2020
  • AO: The Ricky Bobby
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Nutria, Virus (R), Tesla (RR), Gavel, Breaker Breaker (R), Shell Shock, Orangeman (R), Geezer, Flintstone, Dirt (R), Buckeye

It’s getting cold this time of year and today was definitely the coldest we’ve had so far. The weather app on YHC’s phone said 26 degrees and it felt every bit that cold, however, TRB has helped create a strong following of HIMs who have #HTFU so a little cold didn’t scare them. You can join the strong too if you’re not scared. 13 showed this morning. This is what happened…


Pledge of Allegiance

Warmup: Don Quixote, Tesla stretches (the thing where you plank then move your foot to your hand then raise an arm)


Go to the first light and back, 25 LBCs, go to the next light down and back, 25 LBCs, and so on. 4 lights total, 100 LBCs.

At this point YHC gave the PAX the option to go to the track or around back of the school, they chose around back.

Mosey around back where it was announced to partner up for

Dora 12345 (that’s right 5!)

Partner 1 runs to the other end of the lot while partner 2 does exercises.

100 WW whatever situps

200 Merkins (as President and founder of the MHC this took me by surprise when I realized that it was on my own weinke! Oh well, it sounded good the night before when I wrote it down so we went with it.)

300 Squats

400 LBCs

500 Side Straddle Hops

Add on 5 burpees for the train too. Lots of heart rate pushing there, especially with the SSH. Good stuff!

Mosey through the playground to the track. Since we’re in the holiday season YHC decided we’d do some festive stuff. Bear crawl halfway across the field, stop and do 25 Jingle Balls (each leg) then lunge walk back to the other side where we did 25 Pickle Pounders (some guys call this practice).

Fellowship mosey back to the start where we did announcements (Christmas Party), prayer requests (see my list, add to it if something is left off) and COT.

It’s cold but when we push the rock we get warm. Keep pushing the rock men! AYE!!!