• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/23/2020
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Stinky Bird
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ, Flintstone, Captain Stubing, Dirt (R), Nutria, Watts Up (R), JK2, Linus (R)

If you care to read much more than the fact that YHC got great pleasure out of our mosey up Gastone’s Hill after Watts Up made several recommendations AGAINST doing so, then continue reading!


SSH x 30 IC
MNC x 30 IC
Merkins x 20 OYO
LBCs x 20

Mosey to wall at bank
Step ups 30 OYO

Derkins x 20 OYO
Dips x 15 IC
Derikins x 15 OYO
Dips x 15 IC

MOSEY to planet fitness
4 CORNERS Round 1:
20 Merkins
30 American Hammers
40 Squats
50 Flutters

4 CORNERS Round 2:
20 Merkins
30 Big Boys
40 Calf Raises
50 Flutters

Mosey over to Food Lion
-People’s Chair, shoulder presses x ?? IC

Mosey to Dollar General parking lot
Quick Ab Blaster with some merkins on top.

Mosey LONG WAY back towards Pelicans,
Gastone’s Hill!

Mosey Back to Pelicans. Mary happened, workout ended with 5 burpees. Good work men!

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