• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/19/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Round Up
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hacksaw(R), Medicine Woman, Wichita, Sarlacc, Stogie, Volt, Bedpan

Warm Up

5 Burpees 10 Mountain climbers

4 Burpees 8 Mountain climbers

3 Burpees 6 Mountain climbers

2 Burpees 4 Mountain climbers

1 Burpee 2 Mountain climbers

1 Merkin 2 Squats

2 Merkin 4 Squats

3 Merkin 6 Squats

4 Merkin 8 Squats

5 Merkin 10 Squats

Mosey to the flag

Stop at each pole

5 V-ups 5 American hammers 1 Burpee

5 American hammers 5 LBC 2 burpee

5 LBC 5 Big boys 3 burpees

5 Big boys 5 leg lifts 4 burpees

5 leg lifts 5 crunchy frogs 5 burpees

5 Crunchy frogs 5 Big boys 6 Burpees

5 Big boys 5 American Hammers 7 Burpees


5 American Hammers, 5 V-ups, 5 Big boys, 5 Leg lifts, 5 Crunchy frogs, 5 LBC

5 Burpees

Mosey to the parking lot

Time for 11’s with Burpees on one side 180 degree jump squats in the middle and Burpees on the other side.

This was tough but definitely kept us warm in those cold temps.

We finished up here and then took it to the island near the flag. Here we knocked out the following.

5 LBC 3 Big boys 1 Burpee then take a lap around the island.

Do that times 3

Then we took it back to the start point with a nice mosey through the park.


Dec 12th Christmas party at Lewis farms

Blood drive Dec 10th in Belmont


Prayer Request

Our Country and our Leaders

Our Society to stand firm in the faith and not be fearful

Each Pax

SA and his family

Wichitas mother

Bedpans M


One thing I said at the end was to think of Jesus Christ on earth in the flesh and  how much he went into prayer to God and alone time with God to stay in tune. Think of how much more we must need the prayers to God and the alone time with God as wicked humans.

Outside of christ we are wicked. Let the spirit inside you lead and guide you through your day.

Round Up