• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/14/2020
  • AO: Coconut Horse
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoopee, Defib, Breaker Breaker, Stroganoff, Flintstone, Pockets, Hush Puppy

A nice morning for a run but it seemed warmer than the temperature indicated.  Breaker Breaker had committed to me via text that he would be running five miles early and then join the rest of us at the normally scheduled start time.  He can check that November challenge 10 miler off his list.  Defib can do the same as he ran six before the regular run.  Stroganoff appeared just before the start with a ruck so he got some EC as well.  Pockets was there and was ready to run.  Flintstone showed up at 0629 ready to run as well.  It was very foggy so a disclaimer was given before we left the parking lot.

Defib set the pace.  Whoopee was keeping up with him and I was starting to fall back around mile 2.5.    Whoopee started playing music on the Greenway.  The first song was Toto’s “Hold the Line”.  It was a good song to help motivate oneself to keep the pace.  After that song, something else was played but I couldn’t hear it because I was dropping back.  Needing that extra something, I took my shirt off and put it in my pocket.  This was the boost I needed and was soon on Whoopee’s heels as we started the gut check.  However, when I caught him he took his shirt off and then proceeded up past the armory and was breaking away!  When I caught him the next time he was playing beach music as I recall.  Anyway, we all finished up and Whoopee announced a PR at the Horse.  Good work!  Never underestimate the power of running with a faster man, and if you need an extra something, play some music or take your shirt off.  (Someone may want to share this with Runners World Magazine as it is great advice.  You’re welcome)

After the run, Short Sale showed up for Q-Source, Breaker had to leave for church, but Hush Puppy showed up after OYO running so I gave him credit.  Whoopee bought the coffee (I guess if you PR it is like hitting a hole in one…drinks on you?  Thanks Whoopee!)

A solid Q-Source on Team Development.  I am pretty sure that is what this F3 thing is about.  Even though we try to get better individually, we share the trust, equipping, accountability, and Missionality as we lead with virtue among each other.  I learn something every post from the men of F3.  I can remember several years ago thinking there was no way I could run 5 miles.  I came out anyway and have made it part of the routine.  Fortunately this good habit is hard to break.