• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/10/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Stogie
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Wichita, Wire Nut, Rabbit Ears, Hannibal, Sarlacc, Achey Breaky, Bed Pan, Tater Hole, Flubber, Hacksaw, Westside, Volt, Montross, Plug In

So, I found these foam cube-like polygons at $5 Below. I bought both the Expert and Intermediate versions, as well as a yoga one. Each side of the non-yoga polygons has an exercise (ie. 20 Burpees, 30 Mnt. Climbers, 15 Squats with a Twist (Imperial Walker Squats), 30 Russian Twists (American Hammers), etc…). Without much of a plan I rolled into Folsom with about 5 minutes to spare and began to make things up in my head on the drive in.

We began with a warmup of:
15 SSH in cadence
5 Burpees (oyo)
15 Gravel Pickers


We moseyed to the tennis courts.

For 30 minutes each Pax (as many as we could get thru) would roll both dice. We would do both exercises. We then would run/sprint (you vs. you) to the next corner of the courts. There was an option for “Water Break” on both dice. For this we did waterfall burpees for one round (Pax planking after completing their burpee) and then whatever the other exercise was. We did this for around 4 laps or so around the courts before I had to leave at 6am. There were several times we hit 20 burpees… otherwise it was a mix of Bonnie Blairs, Mountain Climbers, Squats with a Twist (Imperial Walker Squats), Tuck Jumps, etc… Anything else… #showtoknow.

I asked Wichita to take over and finish the PAX out with a round of Iron Hulks and some merry (if any time was left).

Announcements: PT test Saturday at Gashouse 7, Christmas party Dec 12th pre blast will be out soon.

Prayer Request: SA’s daughter and family, Montross, Sparky’s dad and mom, and Purple Haze’s job interview.

Thanks for allowing me to lead and for playing along this morning. I may need to update the dice a bit… maybe take off the “water break” and add more burpees or my favorite workout (not that I have one, but I can make something up). I hope ya’ll had fun.

Until next time… SYITG