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  • When: 11/21/2018
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  • QIC: Gastone
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  • PAX: Easy Rider, Defib, Gold Digger, Linus, Timeframe, Google, Turtleman, Island, and Gastone.

9 Him’s showed for Snoball’s on this chilly morning.


The Thang:

High Steps out of the parking lot to the sidewalk.

But kicks while moving. (Mubble Chatter about warm up. But, that is what the hell we are doing)

Karaoke facing the road then facing the park.

Mosey to parking lot and Circle up.

30 3 count SSH

Mosey down to soccer field.

The Gauntlet. Which is an 11 with a constant in the middle. Started with 1 Merkin in the middle of the field. Run to sidewalk for 10 Sumo Squat Jumps, Up the hill for 10 Turkish Get Ups. Rinse and repeat until the outside numbers are flipped while doing 10 Sumo Squats ever time you pass the sidewalk.

Next to the park benches.

20 3 Count Dips

Jack Webb up to 10. Defib said something about he was glad we did not go back down to 0.

10 3 count Dips.

Jack Webb down to 1 starting with 10.

Mosey to wall 20 yards in front of us.

Wall sit.

Balls to the Wall with a 30 count.

Wall sit with hands in the air and marching on my count. 30

Mosey to parking lot.

Lunges about 40 yards.

Mosey back to start.

The Moleskin:

During the Wall Sit I took the opportunity to speak on cutting corners. I told a story about me 4 years ago working out with 2 of the leaders of F3. While doing so I cut the corner coming off the sidewalk and saving some time to get back to the middle of the Pack. Dredd noticed this and called me out on this infraction. His point was basically to not cut corners a get the entire thing done. I take this lesson now and share it with you because it is more than just corner’s. It is about practicing your form, doing the actual workout, and being honest with yourself. You don’t actually have to do 30 Burpee’s if someone calls it but it would be better if you did 10 with perfect form then to do half of one Burpee 30 times. A Squat is not bending at the waste, you actually bend at the knee’s, it harder. This all relates to your life in other area’s. The easy way is not always going to get you the best result. It takes work and discipline to achieve goals. Of course F3 is set up that every workout is You vs You, but don’t take that as a crutch and add that to your arsenal of  excuses not to improve.


-1, +1 Challenge. Pick something that is a bad habit and remove it from your life for the subtraction. For the add, pick something that you know you can do and should be doing. 5 extra minutes with your children, finish those honey do lists, pray more, or reach out to brothers more for support. We all have plenty to be Thankful for some now get outside your box.


Circle of Trust

Gastone Out!!