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  • When: 11/13/2018
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  • QIC: Tiger
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  • PAX: Slaw, Gold Digger, Broke, D Fib, Roadie, Oompa Loompa (R), Def Leopard (R), Lil Sweet

Nine showed at Mirdoryama on a gloomy evening.  Didn’t rain, not sure how we avoided it, but turned out to a good evening to try something a little different.  Here’s how it went.


Side Straddle Hop x 12, Imperial Walkers x12, Don Q x 12


Mosey to far paking lot by soccer fields.  Started in one corner.  Q called for an animal theme start.  Each exercise started at the side curb and proceeded up to parking space lines. Idea was to get a total body workout, but maintain a core focus.  First, duck walk with a shoulder press, Al Gore for the six.  Everybody mosey to the turd shack for 10 hip slappers in cadence.  Mosey back to the start.  Bunny hop with a shoulder press, mosey to turd shack for ten donkey kicks, mosey back to start.  After each exercise mosey to turd shack alternating hip slappers and donkey kicks and back to start.  Continued with crab walk, chameleon walk, crouching tiger with burpee, and bear crawl with burpee.  All of these exercise are performed low to the ground, to stress the shoulders, triceps and big focus on keeping core tight.

After last set of donkey kicks we went to the big soccer field for progressive workout around small track.  Started with 10 flutter crunches, ran to next turn for 10 flutter crunches and 10 jumping lunges, next turn 10 each of first two exercise plus 10 hand release merkins, this is where Slaw decided to play in the mud puddle.  Last was all three exercises plus 10 jump squats.

Mosey back to middle parking lot for inch worms to third stripe to finish cooking the core. Fellowship mosey back to start.  Time

Different kind of work out today, one that can be as easy or as difficult as is wanted by changing body position.  Closer to the ground is much harder on the exercises involving plank.  Good push by all.

Remember speed for need in McAdenville, half marathon in Belmont Dec 22, and Christmas party Dec 15 at (Keesh, Quiche, Ceash) house.

Prayer requests, Lil Sweet has a friend with cancer, Def Leopard wife having knee problem, Nantan on a boat, DDC traveling, Sly and his unit, victims and responders to CA wildfires.

Always  an honor