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  • When: 11/14/2018
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  • QIC: Defib
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  • PAX: Gastone, Whoopee, HIPPA, Clavin, Roadee, Madoff, Monk, Pedal, Island, Dirt, Defib

As I told the Pax during the workout the mighty site Q enlisted my leadership late Tuesday and asked if I would Q this workout – As always I was honored he’d think of me especially since I’ve not posted at Marthas in 3 weeks due to work commitments.  The morning was cold and the rain was just ending as I pulled up.  Seemed as if there were several out for EC this morning with several cars in the parking lot and no pax around.  As the time to start approached we collected 11 pax to have a nice little Defib beatdown


Warmup -SSH – 15 IC

Merkins 10 IC

Imperial wakers 10 IC


Gastone challenged me to get 4 miles of running in during the beatdown – as such we moseyed – stopping at each corner for 5 burpees OYO.  When we got to Gastone’s Hill we alternated Nur/Run/Nur to top.  At the top we did 10 Peter Parkers and 10 Parker Peters IC.  Next mosey to Dollar General for 11’s with merkins and squats with some bear crawling in between.  Mosey to Food Lion for dips in the cart return area followed by some wall work at Harris Teeter – 10 Hip slapper IC and 10 donkey kicks OYO with running the length of the parking lot in between.  Someone called out 15 mins of wall sits – so we did wall sits while each pax ran the length of the parking lot (7 mins)  Finished off with some sprint work (suicides) and dips on the way back to Pelican’s.  Didn’t quite get 4 miles in  but t Pax gave it great effort!


Announcements:  Christmastown Saturday 11/24.  Come out to support pax and track commanders

Christmas Party at Quichee’s 12/15

40 days of discipline – continue to pray for pax

Order new AO T-shirts online now for Bulldog and Hollywood – also T-shirts are available for M’s

Prayer requests for Nickie Bailey, Turtleman and M running Spartan, firefighters and those effected by California wildfires.


As always it was an honor and pleasure to lead this fine group of HIMs this morning

Until next time Defib- out