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  • When: 11/10/2018
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Great job by Freight organizing  3rd F event after convergence.  Freight shared a well thought out word on Moses father in law Jethro, referencing how Moses relied his father in law heavily for advice in proper actions.  Moral of the story was how we all need advice and listening ears from time to time, and how Whetstone was created to be another avenue for Pax to rely on.

That aligned nicely with YHC comments on wisdom.  Wisdom will not be achieved until we submit to our Father,  Keeping His commands.  And the beauty is that submitting to Him makes not doing the don’ts and doing the do’s not only desirable, but pleasurable.  YHC stated how the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are books on wisdom.

YHC then referenced how Broke made the comment a couple of weeks ago, “what if we had a spiritual challenge, praying and reading our Bible each day.  What kind of change might we see?”  After consulting with Broke, a 40 day spiritual challenge was issued.  Proverbs has 31 chapters, Ecclesiastes has 12 chapters.  Challenge is to read a chapter a day from these books, and on three days read two chapters.  A total of 43 chapters in 40 days.  But don’t just read the words.  Meditate on them, God will speak to you.

Second part of challenge is to choose a fellow Pax and pray for him every day.  Contact him if you wish and see if there are any special requests.  Otherwise just lift him to God every day.