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  • When: 11/06/2018
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It was another wet Monday morning in the gloom.    Think our area is turning into a rain forest.   Before I start a conflict between our F3 climatologists and scientists in the bunch, let me quickly get to the thang.

Disclaimer:   Don’t sue me, modify as needed, I’m an idiot, etc

The Pledge


Warm up:  SSH – IC x 30, MNC – IC x 30, Don Quixote x 20 (Q Fail), Seal Jacks IC x 30)

Mosey to bank (rain had just stopped, was still very wet) drive through

I’m sure there is a F3 name for this (Hippa or Short Sale would know) Circuit  of 3 exercises for 1 minute interval (big boy sit ups, american hammers, mountain climbers).  Rinse and repeat to complete full circuit x3

Mosey to shopping center for a Turtleman staple – Run to the loading dock, jump up, bear crawl down ramp/side-walk, run to parking lot complete 20 squats.  Rinse and repeat x3

Quick count out – 6 pax strong.   Low on numbers, high on determination and focus.  Everyone was pushing to conquer the rock

Next exercise; One end of the parking lot complete 10 merkins, run across the parking lot, complete 10 burpees.   Complete 5x’s

Line up, lunge walk to the 2nd light, run back, complete 20 seal jacks

Line up at the wall, wall sits with arm presses for 1 min, balls to the wall for 1 min.

Was pretty burned after that.  Mosey back towards Snoballs

Stop at the wall, 20 dips IC followed by 20 step ups (each leg); rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey to parking lot – TIME


Now that weather is getting cooler, seeing attendance start to be spotty.   Clavin made a great point to headlock Kotters and challenge each other to get out.  Roadie reinforced the 40 day challenge, which is to be goal driven and to motivate.

The Murph on Monday Q’d by Gastone:  TIme moved to regular 5:30 start


As mentioned before, these guys were pushing it.  Good luck Clavin this weekend with your event.

Always a honor to Q.  Thanks – Turtleman