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  • When: 11/03/2018
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  • QIC: Goose
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  • PAX: Madoff, Pedal, Bandit, Roadie, DDC, Wojo, Mayor, JJ, Blart, Vodoo (FNG), HIPPA, Top Hat, Monk, Roscoe, Clavin, Timeframe, Whoopie, Rudolph, Linus

Starting back in June, I began my journey at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. We were about to finish our first trimester and with 2 weeks before we left to come home, I decided I wanted to lead a workout and bring a little Merchant Marine Academy workout back to the Gashouse.  I got in contact with Bandit (aka Dad) and he got it lined up with Linus for me to lead the Pax.

Warm Up

We started with some SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Mericans, and LBC’s.

The Thang

Then we took a little mosey over to the football field with a little C-130 cadence. We did a light jog from the goal line to midfield, then 15 yards of Butt Kickers, then returned to the original spot. Rinse and repeated with High Knees and Karaoke. Following that we split into four groups. Group 1 was assigned Clericans, group 2 was assigned Bobby Hurley’s, group 3 had Mountain Climbers, and group 4 had Freddie Mercury’s. Each group did their exercise for 60 seconds, took a 20 second break, exercised for another minute, then rotated to the next station. Rinsed and repeated until all exercises were done.

Then the PAX all met at midfield and attempted the “perfect Merican”. The person in front gets in a normal Merican position except that his feet go on the back of the person behind. Then when everyone is set the only things touching the ground are the hands of the PAX and the feet of the last person. Everyone went down and the same time and tried to come up in sync as well. This didn’t last long but we did manage one synchronized Merican.

Then we took a mosey to the dreaded stairs by the church with a little help from a cadence of a bald headed plebe. We climbed the stairs and began a wall sit. We sat until we finished singing a cadence about Sweet, Sweet Lulu. After Lulu left, started at the top of the stairs and did 10 Mericans, then ran down the stairs and did 1 Bobby Hurley. Rinse and repeat until you do 1 Merican and 10 Bobby Hurley’s.

Finally, we moseyed back to the Schiele parking lot (while singing about Capt. Jack and his railroad track) where The Pain Lab joined for a little ten minutes of Mary. There were some more Mericans and some Burpees, some Flutter Kicks and Dying Cockroaches, and to finish it off… a prolonged Superman (Lulu decided to come back for a finale).



I just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support throughout my journey so far.  It’s been awesome to know I have another family back home that I can not only workout with, but be able to relax and talk to, and continue in my faith journey. I can’t wait to come back soon and head up another workout!


Plebe William L. Todd (aka Goose)
US Merrchant Marine Academy
300 Steamboat Road
Box 1176
Kings Point, NY 11024-1699