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  • When: 08/24/16
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I started my week with one weinke, then as the week unfolded and I found out about a funeral I would be attending, my weinke changed. Tuesday night I attended the funeral of a great man-Jack Brown. He was a member of the Coast Guard and served in anti-submarine warfare duties. He was a member of the state highway patrol for 30 years, and was the first face at school that my kids saw for several years. He was always smiling and there rain or shine to welcome them to school. His jokes and warm smile will be with me for a long time. As the 3rd daughter, whoever it was that day, got out of the car and Officer Brown helped them over the curb, he would say, “Saved the prettiest one for last.” It never got old for me or my girls. This morning was about Jack Brown-I thought of him often today and he was my motivation for posting this morning and pushing through the gloom. I shared a little of this just before we started.


Warmup-the part I really dislike so we moved quickly-don’t blink or you would have missed part of it.  We did roughly 10 reps IC of the following: SSH, LBCs, Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks, Merkins (again), who cares just follow me….

The Thang-

Mosey to the bank for ATMs X 10, a few reeeaaaalllllyyyy sllloooowww to make it burn

Mosey to KFC for some breakfast, wipe your feet for Hip Slappers X 20-everyone hung pretty good on this round with a little mumble chatter early

Quick mosey over to the dilapidated grocery store parking lot for the “meat and potatoes” part of my weinke. I mentioned at the warmup that Officer Brown was 70 years old and to keep that number in mind. Well, as usual, my weinke was writing checks my body could not cash. I ‘splained to the pax we would do 7 laps around the lot (somewhere around 1/4 mile laps) with 10 Burpees per lap. My burpee total over the last 3 months is probably less than 20-I will blame BRR training on that but if you believe that you are really not that smart. We started with burpees then took off for lap 1-feeling pretty good until 3rd round of burpees when my chest was on fire and felt like I was running in combat boots so…..OKLAHOMA! Keep with the 7 laps but option to do 10 burpees or 35 full flutter kicks per round (cannot repeat same exercise back to back). Quickly a bunch of guys opted for the flutter kicks, but not everyone.

After about 4 rounds, I broke a “soft” F3 rule about scripture during the workout. I felt it was necessary and, honestly, I think it is a dumb rule. For the past few weeks it seems I have been hearing scripture from Hebrews (more in the past 2 weeks than I think combined in the past 5 years). The final straw was at Officer Brown’s funeral. I read parts of Chapter 12, the first few verses…and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…I thought of Officer Brown finishing his race and now resting peacefully.

We continued on with our goal for 70 burpees (with some flutter kick substitutions as needed). Defib had a brief race with his 2.0 Eddie. Fun to watch and good to know the guy who beats me many mornings also at 46 years old can also beat his teen-age son who is in really good shape. Can’t imagine that will last too much longer, Defib. Later I found out Eddie splashed merlot at home. I felt bad for a few minutes when I heard this, then I realized Defib was not only smiling with pride like his son had just gotten accepted to a prestigious college, but had congratulated him after it happened. Attaboy Eddie, good work this morning during your summer break. I don’t imagine many of your classmates were even thinking about getting out of bed at that time of day.

Before finishing this beatdown, I read a little more from Hebrews-this was the part that I think was meant specifically for me as I have had some things happening at work recently and I needed a push in the right direction. Hebrews 12 v14: Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.  Made me pause and consider my actions and reactions lately.

We moseyed back to KFC for some more hip slappers-less enjoyable at this point but we pushed through. We moseyed back towards start but took a quick break for 70 dips for Officer Brown-broken up into 3 different sets. This was a crowd pleaser. We then moseyed back to start but passed the start line for a little bit longer mosey then Bandit closed us out with some dying cockroaches.

Pledge (thanks Roscoe for reminder)

Announcements: Cancelled Advisory Board this week.

Prayer Requests: several made, remember them this week

thanks for coming this am-I feel so much better after seeing you all early in the morning-great start to my day-Whoopee

RIP Officer Brown, you are missed by my 3 girls very much