That’s a first, the Folsom regulars that dodged the Blue Pill were actually a few minutes early this AM! Looks like a strong showing of 7 PAX ready to get it on.

No FNGs so to the disclaimer. I like to reiterate it whether there are any FNGs or not. Honestly, we all are pretty crazy for being out there much less more than once.


SSH x20 IC, Mountain Climbers x20 IC, LBCs x20 IC, then some hamstring stretching reach and touch right toes for 10 count, left toes for 10 count, middle ground 10 count. Alright, no mumble-chatter so moving on.


Tha Thang

Mosey the walking track back up to the horse track concrete seating area. Mumble-chatter something about “horse track?”, Dolph is in the lead up the sidewalk, well, now we are lost, nope just lost the hard surface. After a quick detour, back on track.

there are five levels of concrete seats, so jump ups to the top 5 burpees, hop back down, jump up to the top with 4 burpees, back down then up for 3, 2, 1. Oh yeah, we gettin warmed up now. Mosey down to the next venue of torture, the pond parking lot. Line up, bear crawl across finishing with 10 merkins, lunge walk back with 10 squats, rinse repeat 3 rounds the last being with 5 instead of 10. Another mosey up to the concession stand by the ball field for 20 donkey kicks OYO, 20 wall assisted sit ups OYO, 20 one leg squats 10 each leg. Let’s mosey again down to the walking track and aroun the back side of the pond to the lower shelter for some Dora. Partner up, PAX 1 runs to the top of the parking lot and back while 2 does step ups AMRAP, switch PAX. Round 2, PAX 1 runs to the top of the lot and back while 2 does calf raises, switch. Round 3, PAX 1 runs top of the lot and back while 2 does crab cakes. Recover, grab a bench for 20 dips IC, 20 Freddie Mercuries IC. Mosey back up to the upper lot. Pretty good timing!

No new announcements

COT, Lifting up Prayer requests


: it’s always an honor to Q the Folsom crew. Good work men pushing it to the limit. The BB title was manifested by the layout of the workout, mentioned by Garfield, I believe, thanks. There was a slight Omaha on behalf of QIC, mumble-chatter was heard about the amount of running and that Pizza Man would be proud. After all was said and done, 2.2 miles in the books, the PAX pushed the rock! Looking forward to next time. It’s true that it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger!