It started off bad. YHC arrived at 0645. Apparently the zombies were there early, consumed the majority of the PAX and all FNGs who arrived earlier, then returned to their nest before the last 4 arrived.

After a full disclaimer (without legal representation), we get started. First thing to do under the threat of zombie invasion…. RUN!

So we headed south down Main Street with a quick right on Myrtle Street and ducked right again towards the track for 1 additional lap to warm up. Thanks to Kiesh for the little known facts regarding Belmont Middle School – apparently this is the only school in NC exempt from providing the standard athletic facilities – explains why the track is more of an oblong circle instead of the standard oval. In the end… doesn’t really matter… zombies are coming… slowly.

To complete our warm up we get in the following exercises…
SSH – 20 IC
Mericans – 10 IC
Don Quioxte – 10 IC
IW (not the same as Toy Soldiers) – 20 IC
Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

If you are going to defeat the enemy, sometimes its critical to live in their shoes and learn their ways (can you even live in the shoes of the undead?). So after the workout we set off on a 100 yard zombie lunge walk from the track to the picnic shelter. Not too much complaining yet, so perhaps there should be a note in the Exercise lexicon that a zombie lunge walk must be over 100 yards.

As we discovered broken glass bottles and other left over party favors, YHC felt it was only responsible to repeat the disclaimer once again. To keep ourselves fit to survive the zombie invasion we completed three rounds of the following…

Dips – 20, 15, 10 IC
Step Ups – 25, 25, 25 IC
Derkins – 10, 8, 7 IC

Next we continued with the zombie walk for another 50 yards down to the fountain for some core work…

Dying Cockroach – 10 IC
Freddie Mercury – 10 IC
LBC – 10 IC
Flutter Kicks – 10 IC
Rinse and Repeat X2

With all the zombie walking, we needed to start making some distance so we ran back up to the track where we got serious. The Zombie Relay. Similar to Outhouse’s workout a few weeks ago without the coupons. We split into two groups. First group run a lap to catch up with the second group who is lunge walking the track. Then the groups switch until we lunge walked the entire track. Could also be done with partners in a larger group. Success was achieved as the PAX began to moan like zombies.

With little rest for the legs, we take a short mosey to the concert pavilion for some Elevens on the hill. LBCs (starting at 1, going to 10) and Burps (starting at 10, going to 1).

NMM: Today was a small group at The Fighting Yank, but all present got stronger. Small groups have advantages, especially getting to know guys you don’t normally workout with. Enjoyed the fellowship and mumble chatter today. Looking forward to my next Q at this AO. Keeping Edison in our prayers as he travels with his family, and Hokie as he sets out on the last stretch of the process to adopt a child from China. Also good to meet Edison Sr. Perhaps we’ll see him with the PAX soon. Since he’s a runner, Derecho might be great place for him!