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Time fly’s when you’re having fun!

2 men posted at Folsom this morning. Ahh who’s that coming in hot? Sparky’s here just in time, and right behind him driving like Bo Duke, Gomer is coming in even hotter. Now that everyone is here let’s get this started. Now 4 men strong this morning, good even number for the first set of exercises. No FNG’s so a short discaimer and start the warmup.


SSH, Windmills, Hillbilly’s, and Cherry Picker’s all x15 IC.



Mosey to the tennis courts for Dora 123, Partner up and do 100 merkins, 200 lbc’s, and 300 squat’s. 1 person sprinting to the 3’rd light pole and the other exercising. Aggregate count. Dora’s done and now we mosey to the favorite Folsom Hill.  Here we run down the hill and do 10 CDD’s  at the bottom, Bernie Sander’s back to top with 10 wide leg situps at the top for 3 set’s OYO. Mosey to the shelter at bottom of parking lot. 2 set’s of dips, stepups, and derkins x15 IC. Next we hit the parking lot for a halftime show of Roadies Touchdown Beatdown (Thank’s Roadie). It’s been nearly 30 days since we performed this set of exercises that we are going to revisit in another 30 days for a little friendly competition for the Folsom Trophy. Every 10 yards we do a set of exercises corresponding to the yardline you are at. 10yd = 10 CDD’s , 20yd=20 squat’s, 30yds=30 merkins,  40yds=40 lunge’s, 50yds=50 lbc’s, and back down the corresponding yard markers with the same exercises and count all the way to the 100yd line. Time is nearly up so we mosey to the starting point for the pledge.

COT: no announcement’s  or FNG’s at this time so we take prayer request and namorama. BOM. YHC takes us out.

Moleskin: Great work by everyone today. Way to push the rock! It was an honor to lead you!

Sidewalk Chalk and #UvsU

Very hot, sunny, and humid for a 0700 start of @F3GasHouse

Disclaimer without Legal Counsel (#FartSacker)

COP Warm-up with all my favorites, in cadence, to 10 repetitions, and your welcome…#JaneFondaVideo

Mosey to Flag, quick discussion on politics, Pledge in Cadence

Mosey up the street, stop by for some dips, stop dips because of weird #Bromance in the car in front of us, #mumblechatter, #weird, and only @F3Gastonia = Where was that other guys head really?

Mosey to Church Parking Lot

Sidewalk Chalk Board of Pain= (do station than run/bear crawl/long run/bear crawl/ run)
10 Flying Squirrels
20 Diamond Merkins
30 Carolina Dry Docks
40 Squats
50 Calf Raises
60 Seal Jacks
70 SSH
10 Flying Squirrels
20 Merkins
30 Carolina Dry Docks
40 Squats
50 LBC
60 Hello Dolly
70 SSH

We did that for about 40 minutes…Dolph and his group set the pace #STRONG

Pick a partner you don’t know, go to that station you like the least, and do the exercise and hold each other accountable.

Switzer up for a quick sermon

Mosey home at your pace


Prayer and Praise


Naked Man Moleskin / Sermon Notes

-Thank you for the invite to Q
-Package is still sleeping somewhere…
-Read “Freed to Lead”
-Good crowd this morning and strong push on the #UvsU
-Be thankful for the fitness and body God gave you
-A man you don’t know will hold you more accountable than your best friend #whetstone
-It has been amazing to watch @F3Gastonia, what an awesome 1.5 years

Be a better man today than you were yesterday,



Coolest F3 Workout Ever – “Ice Up, Son, Ice Up”

19 PAX under the surveillance of Pokemon Go Hunters entered the gloom at the Downtown Rotary Pavillion where “the coolest F3 workout ever” was promised. Preblast warned PAX that even the early morn would bring high temperature and the humidity of a rainforest. They still posted.

Disclaimer given and PAX reminded that they probably shouldn’t do F3 cuz they could get a boo-boo. Modify, be smart, blah blah

Warm up – SSH X a bunch (lost count), Stationary jump lunges X ? (Pokemon hunters are very distracting)

Pledge Mosey – across parking lot, down Main Street stopping for merkins, CDDs, mosey to parking deck. Line up, count, then sprint the straight aways, mosey the ramps to the 3.5 level of the deck.

Preamble to Thang – Divide into groups of 4. individuals in one group grabbed a furniture dolly and raced up to the top level then back down the steps. Hands on the dolly, legs spinning, and control always in question. All remaining PAX did slow, low squats until there turn on the dolly sprint. All groups complete, mosey to the top of the deck.


To celebrate the beginning of the Panther’s training camp, I reminded the PAX of the greatest Panther quote of all time from Steve Smith. (Video link attached).  “Ice up, son, ice up.” Boss Hog’s truck was brought to life with various sport anthems blasting and a truckload of bagged ice was distributed. PAX completed a few exercises with the icy coupons and partnered up. One partner ran the parking deck while the other carried both bags of ice up and down the stairs X3. Additional exercises were completed including an ice bag shuttle run. PAX threw the ice remaining back into the truck and headed back to the pavillion. Wall squats, air presses, lightbulb changes, a Boss Hog salute, and Monkey Humpers led into the final mosey home. On the pavillion stage the remaining time was spent on various core exercises, another set of merkins, and a final call of time.


Pokemon Hunters looming in the bushes and out of my line of direct vision make me nervous. I have nothing against the game and think the technology is really cool. But I thought, who in their right mind would get up that early to walk around looking at a phone GPS. I can only imagine what they thought of a bunch of grown men doing grade school jump and jacks at a ridiculous, early hour. It was fun to invite them to join during the cadence. Maybe next time they will swallow the red pill.

During our exercises on Main Street, YHC felt a sense of joy as the echoes of the cadence bounced off the buildings with the percussion of authoritative manhood.  The large number of PAX brought energy to my personal favorite AO.

Smelling the entrance to the deck always quickens the steps of the PAX and made the climb up happy.  The young legs of Gomer and Yo Paulie were easy to hate, but knowing their friends were all at home or with the Pokemon hunters brought respect. During the dolly run, thanks go to Short Sale for keeping the cadence going.

Boss Hog returned to F3 after a break to complete many farm projects for the M and get quality time in with his farm animals.  As always Boss Hog was quick to offer help, meet early, support the mission, and his truck’s external speakers were perfect for blasting motivational sport anthems across downtown. Half way through the exercises the Rocky theme played and I noticed a father / son moment between Yo Adrian and Yo Paulie.  It was if they were running the steps in Philadelphia.  The Chariots of Fire theme was detrimental to the momentum, but sensing the change in pace, a shout – not to be sucked into the slow motion – was given by one of the old PAX who actually remembers the movie.

Distributing bags of ice there were lots of smiles and laughs as the PAX realized this would be the “coolest F3 workout ever.” Such quality fellowship made the inherent risks of backing up a truck to a closed convenience store at 5am and loading up on bags of ice (paid for later after the workout) well worth it.

Hushpuppy kept YHC honest on the time and, as always, the collective purpose to be better men and servants was lifted up in the ball of man.  A big welcome to Iron Man (Stephen Grant) whose contact info I failed to get.  Will one of you GSM men get that info to Freight or Bandit so we can be sure he returns and fills the other hole we have in all our hearts!  A joy to Q, great work!

A Little Sumpin Sumpin


SSH- 25 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs- 30 IC

Squats- 25 IC

Merkins – 15 IC

Stop for the Pledge ….

Mosey to the shelter.

The Thang:

I don’t believe we do enough core here so…..

Core time by Tool Time initiated!

In and Outs with arms up -25

Freddie Mercury’s forward with arms up in seated V position – 25 /Then Backwards for 25

Crunchy Frog – 25

Wide leg sit-ups – 25

Fifer Scissors- 25

Hip Rock and Raise – 25

Quiche loved the Woo YHC would shout as we were done with an exercise…..Flush compared it to Rick Flare however YHC had to demonstrate the subtle difference in the Woo….enough rest…

Heels to Heaven- 25

V-Up/Roll-ups -25

Oblique V-ups Right Side -25 /Then Left side -25

Leg Climbs Right leg – 12/ Then Left Leg 12

American Hammers -50

Good now that our cores are engaged …lets mosey…..

Mosey to the track…..In honor of Brownstreak YHC did not disclose how many reps were about to happen!

Sprint down and back wait for the six….then 5 Burpees OYO rinse and repeat x5 (On the second mosey the train came by so an additional 5 Burpees OYO)

Mosey to the picnic tables for a little Dip/Derkin action…

30 Dips IC then 15 Derkins IC

15 Dips IC then 15 Derkins IC

20 dips single count then 10 Derkins IC……

Mosey to the concrete path ..

We need to work on our Legs now….so

Zombie walk to the fountain (at least it was downhill men)

Well now I think we need some more core…..

Peter parkers 25 IC

Parker Peters 25 IC

Flutter Kicks 60 IC (was supposed to be 50 but T-Square guessed it so YHC was obliged to add more….(TClaps to Flush and Edison for completing all Reps!)

We had some time left so we moseyed around the park for a few laps… back at the warm-up…



Advisory board meeting tomorrow 6pm at On The Border

BRR meeting Monday 7PM at GSM worldwide corporate headquarters

YHC spoke about the importance of challenging yourself physically with f3 and through that you will become stronger both emotionally and spiritually! T-square spoke about the upcoming birthday (next Saturday) of his daughter that has gone home to heaven recently ….and about how this is the first time in a trail of life that he has physically felt the prayers of others helping him through this difficult time #morethanjustaworkout….f3 matters men.


Welcome FNG Tony Robbins! Great work today sir glad to have you with us!


Stroganoffs family, T-squares family, Shrimpboats safe return, my brother who is running his first 50k ultra trail run today.






Proverbs 27:

17Iron sharpens iron,
and one man sharpens another.


Great work today by all PAX. It was an honor to lead you men!

Tool Time

canaveral cardio

vacation is no time for slacking.  8 hours away from home, a few hours before boarding the carnival magic, as good a time as any for a little f3.  temperature: 82 and muggy

very simple today.  we mosey until we need a recovery.  started with a mosey. first stop: 25 merkins (Allen Tate), 30 lbc (huckleberry). mosey on.  next stop: pretzel crunch (h) and captain thors (at). mosey on. squats (h). mosey back to the launching point. lbc (h) 22kill merkins (at).

short COT, BOM, YHC took us out in prayer.

nothing fancy, but didn’t want to fall into a lazy vacation routine.

Philippians 4:13


Winds of Change

6 “Midoriyama Maniacs” posted for Slaw’s VQ. As the shovel flag was being posted, many of the PAX were discussing the very uncommon (yet awesome) breeze that was blowing. This made the usually brutal hot afternoon workout at Midoriyama a lot more bearable. Blart rolls in with Beyonce’s “All the single ladies” blaring on his phone, which made YHC a little apprehensive before we began. Billy Madison rolls in with his 2.0’s (who are tough, I must say!). ToolTime is doing his routine pacing around the AO getting his mind right (if that’s possible) before the workout begins. Well, alrighty then! It’s 17:30, let’s do it!

Disclaimer (no FNGs, but I believed I needed to do it just to get in the habit)


SSH x15 IC, LBC’s x15 IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x25, Don Quixotes x15 IC (for ToolTime)


The Thang:

Mosey to soccer field at the rear of the park where we set up for “4 Corners of the Globe” (Thank You, Triple7). There are 5 stations, one at each corner of the field and one in the center. PAX split into 4 traveling groups. Everyone started in the middle, where the exercise was 15 Monkey Humpers. The groups then split and ran to a corner and performed the exercise prescribed at that corner. Corner 1 was block push press x15, corner 2 was block curls x15, corner 3 was Merkins x15, and corner 4 was Freddie Mercury’s (4 count) x10. Once exercise was completed, return to center for 15 more Monkey Humpers, then rotate to next corner. After all corners were covered, plank for the 6.

Rinse and repeat

Next, mosey towards the backside of field where I believe I heard the distinct sound of mumble chatter. PAX lined up at the base of a relatively small hill. Rx called for bear crawl to the top, 5 WW1 sit-ups. Fast mosey down the hill for 5 burpees OYO then plank for the 6.

Rinse and repeat x 2

Q then led the PAX to the bleachers for some dips (15 IC) and derkins (10 IC).

Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to Flag for some Zombie Walk, but instead of a regular squat, “Slaw squats” were prescribed. It’s just a squat where you drop your 6 as low as it can go then stand up (Blart nicknamed them “The Beyonce”, which explains his music selection at the beginning of the workout). These were performed for a guesstimate of 40 yards.

Circle up at the Flag for some core work:

Dying cockroaches x 15 IC

Midoriyama Downhills x 10 IC (Start in plank position. While keeping your feet and knees together, pull your knees up to your right elbow. Return back to plank position, then pull your knees up to your left elbow. Return to plank.) Done as a 4 count exercise.

Nolan Ryans x 10 each arm (Thank You, Sargento!)

Rinse and repeat

YHC then called flutter kicks (4 count). While getting ready to begin, YHC heard a voice in my head that whispered “Just keep going and going and going”. The voice bore a very close resemblance to ToolTime’s voice, but I wasn’t quite sure. YHC started to hear the mumble chatter after the 20th rep. At 30, it was louder. Fearing a mutiny, YHC stopped at 40.

Last but certainly not least, 10 Burpees OYO.



Announcements: Advisory Board Meeting, On the Border 7/31/16 @19:00. BRR meeting Monday.

Prayer requests: Stroganoff and his Family, T-Square and his Family, Our Nation, the Upcoming Elections, The World in general. Def Leppard in his travels.

I also forgot to mention Floppy Disk in his travels as well.

One last thing- Def Leppard had been trying to get me out to an F3 workout. He assured me I would love it. My work schedule was keeping me from posting for the longest time. When I finally made it, Bandit and Roscoe co-Q’d at Gashouse on a Saturday morning in May, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I look forward to every workout not just for the physical aspect, but for the fellowship and camaraderie as well.  Like many other F3 members, I was a Sad Clown in need of something just like this. Def Leppard was right- I love it.

Proverbs 27:17

Until the next time,



Christmas In July

As I remember it the pax filled in slowly. Some have been with us long enough to know what was coming, but the others were in store for a treat……..

No newbies so no disclaimer or intro needed. A small talk about the no show of some and tough crowd this morning. No mumble chatter. I think they all was struggling to be there. Well they’ll be better for it.

Warm up:
SSH x10ic
Wind Mills x10ic
Mericans x10ic

The Thang:
The 12 Days of Christmas
Day 1: 1 Minute of “something……Planking, High Knees, Fake Jump Rope
Day 2: 200 yard (give or take) across the bridge and back
Day 3: 3 Squat Jumps
Day 4: 4 CDD’s IC
Day 5: 5 Burpees OYO
Day 6: 6 Plank Jacks IC
Day 7: 7 Calf Ups IC
Day 8: 8 Monkey Humpers IC
Day 9: 9 Mountain Climbers IC
Day 10: 10 Merkins IC
Day 11: 11 Freddy Mercury IC
Day 12: 12 Side Straddle Hops IC

This is none stop 45 min work out. No time to waste with this one. Guys pushed through the suck and are better for it. Way to push guys. As always, it’s a pleasure to lead.

Remember our country and all of the prayer request. Reach out to those who haven’t been here in awhile. EH them if needed. Be mindful of upcoming events and meeting. Til next fellas.

Brownstreak out!

Pinocchio’s Nose

I told the PAX that I had not attended a workout in several days, was FULL o’ piss & vinegar, and hoped they were too. Mixed response. Attitudes improved gradually over the next 45 minutes, despite running and burpees, which I had promised NOT to include. Some apparently had believed this. :-O

Disclaimer. Pledge. Word o’ the week.

Warmup: SSH, Moroccans, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Newton’s Cradle, Mtn Climbers, Rocky Balboa, Monkey Humpers, Dying Cockroach


Mosey to P Lot, where we did that thing where we line up along a parking space and trace the parking lot lines. Think Konga Line only dumber! Forgot what it’s called. It’s in my last backblast.

Burpees! 5X.

Mike Tysons! 5X, a new exercise for this PAX. Look it up.

11’s with Mike Tysons & LBCs, bringing GROANS OF GRATITUDE from the PAX.

Mosey to picnic table for Dips

Indian Run. After this run, I was ready for BOMBS but shocked! shocked! to discover that it was already 6:05am! So we settled for Blueberry Bojangles Biscuit (for Whoopie), 3 laps.

Mosey back at Snoballs, arriving at 6:15.

Announcements: Hushpuppy has 3rdF Q this week. 06:30 Saturday.

A pleasure to lead such a fine group! Monk

2016 F3 Golf Classic – Final PreBlast

All the details you need for 2016 F3 Golf.  If you still have questions, hit the comments or email


Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation is located at 7500 Olde Sycamore Dr, Mint Hill, NC 28227.

  • This Friday, July 29.
  • Check In begins at 7:30 AM.
  • Light breakfast will be served (Bojangles biscuits and some hand fruit).
  • Driving range and putting green open at 7:30.
  • Shotgun start at 9:00 AM.
  • Lunch will be served (sub box lunch)
  • We will award prizes in the club house at the conclusion of the round.


Captain’s choice.


Forecast looks dry and hot.  OS is motivated to get us on the course but ultimately they make the final call.  Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from and the @F3Golf twitter feed.


  • Event is BYOB.  OS is aware and has approved Pax bringing coolers of your favorite beverages.  Beverages are available for purchase from OS in the clubhouse.
  • The event is also Bring Your Own Cash (or check)There are no ATMs on site and we don’t have the ability to accept credit cards.  Every dollar raised goes to Leap efforts.  #GiveItAway applies to your twenties as well as F3.
  • We revert to the key suspects from the Beer Wench Debacle of 2014: OBT aka “One Beer Thursday” and Belk get back behind the wheel in the snack carts.  Follow them on the Twitter (@johndillard and @trwhitmire_OBT) and be sure to put in your requests for soda, water, and various snack items.
  • The OS bar / concession area will be open if you need to use it.
  • Belk is also returning as the Golf Historian and BB Content Provider.


T-Claps to all of the sponsors who enable F3 Expansion to #GiveItAway.  Check them out on the F3 Golf Website Sponsor Page 


A big thanks to our Sponsor and Donor Qs, Brown and Prohibition.  They’ve come through with some great prize packages, raffle items and give aways.

  • Mulligan Package – Standard fare, with a pair of mulligans, a ladies tee and probably something else. We’ll let you know when you get there.  A $99 value is yours for only $20.
  • Beat the Pro Teenager – Judge Smails went on vacation but we have a 14 year old 4- handicapper that will be glad to relieve you of your hard earned money.  Stick it closer to the pin than he does and you “win”.  $5 minimum bet for the timid.  All pax encouraged to play and remember:  even if you win, you lose.  #GiveItAway
  • Charity Golf Guns – The AR15 Golf Gun is back on Hole 7.

Bring your singles for raffle tickets and walk away with some SWAG.


  • If you find yourself in Mint Hill Friday morning with a spare 6 hours laying around, come join us. Walk up players welcome.
  • Bring cash and have fun.

Looking forward to seeing you on the course.

F3 Golf Qs,

Bananas and TR

Folsom backblast

8 men posted to Folsom this morning. allen tate and floyd coming in hot, so we met them at their trucks. it’s 05:30, let’s get it.

after a longer than needed mosey (in which we passed sparky), stop for warmups. good mornings x 20IC, Morrocan nightclubs x 53IC and monkey humpers x 15IC.

the thang

mosey to the far concession stand for some donkey kicks x 20OYO.

mosey back to the tennis courts for some Dora.  100 merkins, 200 mountain climbers, 300 side straddle hops.  p1 does his half while p2 runs suicides.  once p1 finished their 50 merkins, we switch.  p2 x 50 merkins, p1 runs suicides.  instead of p1 waiting for p2 to get back, we switched it and made p2 wait till p1 was done.

after this we had time for lazy Dora. 50 Carolina dry docks, 100 flutter kicks and 150 lbcs. same format as above.

circle up for an 11 merkins ring of fire, 22 merkins to honor our veterans. Allen Tate wanted more lbcs, so we dropped for 25OYO.  we end with 5 one-legged double merkin burpees.

mosey back to the starting point as we’re out of time.

COT: no announcements.  prayer request: the pasour family.  BOM: YHC took us out.

nice work, men.  always an honor to be amongst you. until next time…

Philippians 4:13


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