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  • When: 8/24/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Def Leppard
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Freight, Pizza Man, Floppy Disc, Slaw, Billy Madison, Lil' Sweet, Ash Pond, Bandit (Kinda Sorta), Def Leppard

8 strong PAX on a nice, warm afternoon at Midoriyama. In addition to our shovel flag, we also had the NC Ghost Flag captured from Shelby this past Saturday. Did you hear there was almost a fight to get it?

Disclaimer, even though no FNG’s, not an expert, modify as necessary, etc.

Warm Up

High Knees IC x 20

CDD’s IC x 12 (It was here that I noted Roscoe last week at Downtown calling out someone’s form on a Merkin looking like a CDD. In that person’s defense, that was a mere 12 hours after the epic Blart Beatdown with arms and blocks for 40 minutes).

Arms Circles (Forward, small size, medium size, large size, Reverse, small, medium, large).

World War 1’s IC x 20 (Here is where the first counting problems from YHC and only second time Q began). Those sit ups are tough for me and the “In cadence” count may have veered off a bit.

The Thang

I had promised a Badger sighting today at Midoriyama. This was a workout borrowed from a friend at work who works out at Denver SVU (I think that stands for Sail View, not SV) F3 name of Light Bulb. He said it was simple and tough so we tried it out. The trick is to pick 2 hills to run between the exercises. We have many hills to choose from at Midoriyama but I chose a small hill between baseball field #1 and #2 and running back to the left field side of field #1. The group does the exercises SSH, LBC’s, Merkins, Hillbillies and Monkey Humpers x 10 IC and then moseys to the other hill and repeats exercises with the first guy arriving to start the count and everyone else joining in wherever the first guy is on the count. The idea is to keep each guy involved but allow each guy to push as hard as he can. Mosey back to the starting hill to complete a set and we did 5 sets total. Along the way, most every guy had a chance to arrive and lead the count. Floppy Disc did his famous Floppy Sprint and then had his own trouble counting and breathing. There may need to be a new exercise added to the lexicon which is a variation of the Monkey Humper but done very, very quickly but I am not going to pick the name for that one. Billy Madison, Slaw and Pizza Man took turns sprinting for the lead! After we completed our five sets we moseyed back to the flag(s) and noticed we had a well dressed visitor. Bandit in the house to pick up the NC Ghost Flag but we had a few minutes remaining so we circled up for the Al Gore Shuffle. Bandit joined in despite being over dressed for the occasion. After some discussion about which direction to shuffle, most agreed that Al would shuffle left so we shuffled a couple times around. Q calls 22 merkins for the Vets, Pizza Man counted. By “my count” we did 100 of each exercise in cadence (which is kinda like 200 right?) for a total of 500 in cadence (kinda like 1,000) and ran 1.3 miles but I can’t verify this without my abacus! Nice work guys! Pleasure to lead such a great group of HIM’s!

Announcements, Advisory Meeting rescheduled, Billy Madison leading Fantasy Football league (His 2.0 was here today, nice little fellow!).

COT – Word for the Day: I urged each guy to remember to talk to our M’s in a way that teaches our children about relationships. Be mindful of this as they are watching and learning.  Prayer requests. Tool Time and Blart traveling. I took us out with the prayer.