seven gladiators woke up this morning, took their daily red pill and entered into the Folsom gloom.  we were fng-less, so after a quick disclaimer, time to clock in.

weather: 77 degrees and as humid as satan’s underwear.

warmup: imperial walkers x 20IC, rosalita x 15IC and dolly x 15IC


mosey down to the lower parking lot where I stole a workout from brownstreak.  we’re going to hit the cycle.

run a lap. mountain climbers, merkins, lbc, squats and CDD all x 15IC ( thirty for the triple)

run a lap. all the above x 10IC (20 for the double)

run a lap. all the above x 5IC (10 for the single).

5 burpees OYO, and then run a lap.  4 laps for the home run. (hope you don’t mind me borrowing your idea, brownstreak.

short fellowship mosey followed by some flutter kicks x 15IC. feels like we did something else here but my mind is terrible.

mosey down to the amphitheater for some donkey kicks x 20, ascending testicles, dying cockroaches x 15IC, calf raises x 25, donkey kicks x 30 and another round of a ascending testicles.  a one minute #bttw hold.  then 5 one-legged double merkin burpees on your own.

mosey back to the launching point for a 15 lbc ring of fire, 22 merkins to honor our veterans and finished with… you guessed it, 5 burpees OYO. time is up.

COT: announcements: Allen Tate’s mother is recovering well from her surgery last Friday. freight is organizing a clown car on Saturday to capture the ghost flag in Shelby.  meet at the gashouse at 0615. prayer requests: each other.

always an honor to be amongst you men. until next time.

Philippians 4:13