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  • When: 08/17/16
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  • QIC: Medicine Woman
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  • PAX: Gomer, Huckleberry, Sparky, Hank, Floyd, Roadie, Medicine Woman(MW)

With a busy week in preparing to lead both a church men’s group study and a home life group study, I had no exact plan of the events to take place at Folsom this AM. I did, however, grab some standard bricks and tossed them into the back of the truck for a possible use. On the drive into the gloom, I did have a few ideas pop up in my already overloaded mind.

So, even with the death inflicting humidity of the already 75 degree temperature, seven devout PAX rolled up into the gloom for a good sweat inducing beat down. We usually jump into a warmup dead at 5:30, but due to a fellow PAX, Mary Lou, having torn a calf muscle yesterday I decided to stretch it out a good bit OYO. After all, the always punctual Sparky hasn’t made it here yet. Well, there he is. Another minute of stretching and we hit the warmups.

disclaimer, everything is U against U, and stop for water anytime you need it, and as always, we are all a little messed up in the head! Now to it.

SSH x20 IC, LBC x20 IC, Hillbillies x20 IC


  1. YHC informs the PAX to grab At Least 2 bricks off the back of the truck. I did have extra for Dolph if 2 weren’t enough, but he wasn’t present this AM. Mumble-chatter, something about brown recluse bites and the fact Gomer was bitin by a Widow not too long ago, mumble-chatter, while all hold the bricks up to the light to clean out the webs searching for the possible biting culprits. OK………Mosey up to the tennis courts.


Mosey 1 lap around the whole court yard with bricks in hand. Come to a halt at the fourth corner to start some four corners to get our hearts going. 5 brurpees or whatever u call it, brick burpees, OYO then mosey to corner 2 for 4 more, corner 3 for 3 more, corner 4 for 2 more, then back home for 1 more. I was a little concerned the weight of the bricks may not be real effective, which later, we were glad they weren’t any heavier. Line up with a partner for some Dora 100,200,300. P1 runs the distance of all courts and back while P2 performs side laterals using bricks and switch back and forth until a combined 100 are finished, then do 200 overhead presses the same, then 300 LBCs all with bricks. Alright, that’s starting to wake up those tired muscles. Circle up for more, 50 forward laterals, 50 curls, 50 rear laterals, 50 squats. Brief recover, then take your bricks for another lap around the courts coming to a halt at corner 1. With a few more minutes, it just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t throw in a little ring of fire, 10 brick merkins each. Mosey your bricks back to the truck. Even though standard bricks Hartley weigh a couple pounds, they sure do a nice job building hand strength!

Announcements: Costner elementary cleanup this Saturday morning at the school in Dallas, Blue Ridge Relay Sept 9-10

COT, always encouraging to be better leaders


Even though you try hard to come up with a Q game plan to outdo the last, remember how simple the plan can be while still receiving the same nice beat down as the last! F3 is yet another outlet for my walk in Faith and has been another great accountability tool for those everyday struggles. Always push harder everyday to be better than yesterday and with God, you will become the better leader in your families and communities He has called us to be. Thank you men for the honor and great work!