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  • When: 08/17/16
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  • QIC: Defib
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  • PAX: Woodstock, Devinney, Brownstreak, Spiderman, Eddie (Defib 2.0) and Defib

6 brave souls fought off the fart sack to sweat bullets this morning at Martha’s for a nice humid smackdown.


Warmup- all IC

20 SSH

15 Don Quixotes

15 Imperial Walkers

50 Moroccan NC – you are welcome brownstreak

10 Merkins

15 LBC

15 Flutters


The Thang

YHC brought footballs – each person grabbed one and moseyed to old Harris Teeter Parking lot to get in football shape – this requires strength, speed, and agility (as we’ll as money to finance the players) – So started with a withdrawal from the ATM with 10ATMs – (10 Alternating shoulder taps, 10 Tempo merkins and 10 Merkins).   Now that we were financed we took a football and ran to each of six parking lanes forward then backwards with 10 LBCs in between.  At this point we realized we we out of money and need to make another withdrawal with 10 more ATMs.

Next we worked on ball handling skills with pax pairing up to do modified Dora with football.  One partner ran around BB&T and the other did LBC and then Merkins until pair completed 100 each.  Run with the ball and hand it off to partner – if you drop ball then have to do 5 burpees (amazingly no fumbles)

Finally ended with musical ensemble (as some go to football games for the halftime show) so we did Burpees to “Thunderstruck” to round out the morning.

Pax now ready for football season!

Pledge at end

Prayer requests: Brownstreak’s 2.0 (Shrimpboat) considering Red to Dead 150 mile run in Jordan – Please pray for their decision.  Also prayers for students and teachers starting school.


As always it was my pleasure and honor to lead this fine group of men!  Until next time

DeFib – Out