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  • PAX: Pizza Man, Gomer, Redskin, Huckleberry, Whoopee

So the start time of 630am at Folsom on Saturday was initially not good, however, it turned out better than expected-read on and you will understand. I got there with plenty of time and saw a couple of the Folsom regulars (Huckleberry and Gomer) milling around like some stray cats. Soon Pizza Man and Redskin pulled up and we got things going. I had pre-blasted something about the numbers 50 and 100 which I figured might end up backfiring with me posting solo so I was relieved to see we had a good solid 5 this am. We talked about the benefits of the smaller group workouts and how it really has helped me get to know the Pax in GasHouse better over the last year.

WU: 5 exercises X 20 reps each IC (5X20=100). SSH, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, MTN Climbers, Squats. I made the reference to 50 and 100 which really was designed to keep me in the warmup longer than I like, otherwise I would have stopped midway.


Mosey to bathrooms for 20 reps of 5 different exercises (each pax got to lead an exercise). Hip Slappers, LBC, Donkey Kicks, Merkins, Squats. Quick discussion on CONCENTRICA layer #1: most important relationship is with M.

Mosey again then ATM (Alternating shoulder tap X 30, Tempo merkins X 10, regular Merkins X 10=total of 50 reps). Discussion on CONCENTRICA layer #2: next most important relationship is with shorties (kids).

Mosey again with some short detour up and down the grassy area a few times just to keep Gomer from breaking out too far ahead then on to a short Wolfpack-type Grinder (borrowed idea from Stroganoff whose Downtown workout on Friday with 22’s inspired today’s 50 and 100 reference). Started at speed bump with Jack Webb then mosey to next speed bump for 25 Squats. The plan was 2 cycles of this, however I referenced an unwritten F3 rule, “IF YOU CAN’T DO IT, DON’T Q IT” so I quickly Omaha’d to change the second round of Jack Webb to 25 reps of Freddy Mercury. The Q then broke into the short discussion on CONCENTRICA layer #3: Shield Lock (the men you spend time with in the gloom) as the next most important relationship. Thankfully Pizza Man reeled us back to finish the other round of 25 squats.

Final beatdown was probably the worst (especially for my partner Pizza Man)….we moseyed to another parking lot and paired off for the main event….Partner 50’s, not to be confused with 11’s. P1 and P2 do 45 SSH together, P1 (piggy back) carries P2 to other side of lot, P1 and P2 do 5 Flutter kicks, P2 carries P1 back to start. Each round go down by 5 reps of SSH while going up on 5 reps of flutter kicks with partner carry between exercises. Sorry Pizza Man, I had pizza last night and more ice cream over the last year than I will admit. At the half-way point I was ready to quit and would have if I was exercising on my own. Thanks for the push-Pizza Man and I got a little closer and shared more sweat than I care to admit-again, great work guys!

We then moseyed back to start for the pledge and about 10 minutes of on-the-fly discussion about F3 and what it has done for us individually. Among the things shared, Huckleberry said he has lost approximately 80 pounds since starting (we decided that was equivalent to 1 Gomer in weight). He then went on to tell us about his first post and how one person in particular, RUDOLPH, worked with him and supported him through that painful first workout that we have all had. It was Rudolph’s impact on him that made him come back for more F3. I am sure each of us has some story similar to this in some way that kept us coming back.

Back to why the 630am turned out not so bad….We finished at Folsom and I started heading home and realized I could make it back for the COT at Schiele, hoping I could share with Rudolph the above story. Sure enough, I made it in time to share the story with Rudolph and the other 13 or so guys before heading off for the coffeteeria. It reminded me again how important our interactions with others can be. It may be something as simple as spending a few extra minutes with someone to help them through a rough morning or just listening as they share something good about their week. I think when this happens in the gloom, it hits some common thread we, as men, all have and means that much more.

Keep up the great work guys-I am amazed at how we have grown in the past 1.5 years. It has made a huge difference for me being a part of this.