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  • When: 08/13/2016
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  • QIC: Brownstreak
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  • PAX: Tooltime, Wilson (hate hate), Flush, Blart, DDC (Discount Dbl. Check), Slaw, Def Leppard, D-Fib, Anthrax, Hokie, Quiche, Brownstreak(Q)

Pax started filing in one by one. Quiche having already ran 7 miles, ran more to go get his car and drove back and pulled in up front. Mumble chatter all around. Discount Dbl. Check explained to me he had to go home to google his new name from posting Thursday at the goat. Apparently he doesn’t watch a lot of tv during football season. Anyway, time was drawing near so we convened at the bottom of the steps. I introduced myself and a quick reminder of disclaimer for the new guy from Thursday’s post.

I quickly stated I don’t like warming up under the trees (aka The Nest), so we moseyed to the covered wooden stage. That’s where we would do the warm up. That’s also where I explained I will always give the guys a goal number of reps. With that being said here’s what I remember about what we did……

SSH 25ic
Mericans 15ic
Flutter Kicks 30ic
Wind Mills 10ic

We moseyed from there to the track. We took the long way….. After the long mosey to the track I explained the the guys I played baseball in high school and our first goal for the morning was to hit a cycle. A cycle for those that don’t know (which a lot didn’t) is in a single game a batter hits a single, dbl, triple and a home run. Here’s how we did it….

The Cycle:

1 lap around track (400m) 4 laps(HomeRun)
Set 1 (30 single reps for the triple)
15ic Merkins
15ic LBC
15ic Carolina Dry Docks
15ic Squats
15ic Mt Climbers
Set 2 (20 single reps for the dbl)
10ic Merkins
10ic LBC
10ic Carolina Dry Docks
10ic Squats
10ic Mt Climbers
Set 3 (10 single reps for the single)
5ic Merkins
5ic LBC
5ic Carolina Dry Docks
5ic Squats
5ic Mt Climbers

During the last lap I promised WILSON (14yr old nephew to TOOLTIME) that I would cut some of the running out. He did a great job all morning. Respect to you lil man! So after the cycle we moseyed over by the pull up bars. That’s where I introduced our next goal…… “Leader”

Leader – plank in line, first guy does the 5 exercise then starts mosey to bottom of the paved patch and back, next guy follows starting his 5 after the first guy finishes his 5, creating a staggered succession. Plank and wait for all to finish.

5 Pullups / Mosey / Plank
5 Toes to Bar / Mosey / Plank
5 Pullups / Mosey / Plank

During the planking Quiche and I shared quotes from “Fletch” after he complained about not having gloves. I explained it was soft pavement, he comes back with “not for a doctor” then we joked about his “trigger finger” for certain exams. That’s where he quoted from “Fletch”……”MOON RIVER”…..classic. Good laughs all around.

After this I gave a pep talk the guys explaining F3 and it’s not who’s better, but us making us better. The reason I set goals and why it’s better than not knowing……. Ok…off the soap box. Then we moseyed to the hill. The hill is cut with level terrace for sitting. That’s where we would do the “Ladder”

5-10-15 Ladder – using the terrace hill, first exercise at the top, second at the bottom.


With only 5 mins left we moseyed to the flag for pledge and Mary.


Mason twist 15ic
Flutter Kicks 50ic- this was brought to us by ToolTime (jerk) not disclosing the number lead us to 50ic where I quit at one point to look at him with a death stare and the man winks and keeps counting……(jerk) πŸ˜‰
Old School Crunches 20ic – Wilson (14yr) took us out. Great work lil man!


Ended this morning with announcements and prayer request and namarama. It’s always a pleasure leading. Great work by all and I would go and stand with everyone one of my F3 brothers. Y’all are family!!! Brownstreak out!!